Only 24 hours to go on the water test. I hope!

Heading into the the last 24 hours of the test. Dad thinks  the plumber should get everything done by 3:00 PM on Monday. The RV is parked out front so the plumbers have plenty of room to dig the trench for the pipe.  Using the collapsible rain barrels need to be re- thought as the have bonded with the pallet I had them sitting on. I will empty the barrels once it warms up and add 2 to the RV for water collection in case of bug out and store the other in the shop that I’ll use for any last minute rain storm in addition to my rigid rain barrels.  It looks like the Ice house idea is a bit of bust for this year but I’ll keep thinking how I might be able to save some ice in the future.

Tried one of the little siphon hoses with the water barrels and while it worked, be prepared to age  filling a 5 gallon camp jug. I’m adding the small siphon to my BOB  it should be fine filling a water bottle.  I tried out some food grade plastic tubing that is a 1/2 in in diameter and it quickly filled a camp jug or stock pot. If you are using 15 gallon barrels or larger I would get some practice siphoning the water and use a large diameter siphon hose to make the water transfer go quickly.  Watching a bucket fill with water has to rank close to watching paint dry!

I’ve been taking a bath in the morning and while it use a lot of water I have put it to good use flushing the toilet. The water test shines a light on just how much good water is wasted to flush a toilet. I have seen some systems that diverts the drain water from a sink to flush and it’s something to think about doing that would save both water and money.  I didn’t go into ration mode doing this test as I wanted to see how much water I would use if I kept my day to day life as normal as possible and I figure I’m using an average of 15 gallons per day. It seems like a lot of water when you compare it the  standard of a gallon a day that most preppers/ FEMA recommend but 15 gallons is a small amount when you consider the average American uses 100-300 gallons a day.  Since I will be able to refill my water barrels and use the sewage system so the high usage isn’t a problem. If I had to go without the sewage system or I was unsure about replacing the water I would go to my 1-3 gallon a day plan.

Overall this water test has gone much better than the first one I tried to do.  The wood stove has been a huge energy saver for heating water. The two igloo jugs have worked out well as a backup hot water storage tank and last but not least using the 15 gallon water barrels and five gallon camp jugs have worked for moving water around efficiently.  I am looking forward to Monday and life getting back to normal because  things easier  on this test is not the same thing as easy.

With the West Virginia chemical spill and California declaring a water emergency having a solid water plan and making it work is critical.  Hopefully you can get some ideas that work for you.  Learn from what went right and what went wrong from my little test.  I feel much more confident on handling any short term water emergency and I can keep my life close to normal.


5 Responses to Only 24 hours to go on the water test. I hope!

  1. LOL By Bonded to the pallet I am assuming you mean the collapsible parts kinda expanded in between the pallet boards? At least that was what I was envisioning,

  2. riverrider says:

    looks like you’re getting a great test. if i didn’t have 1100+ gals stored i’d save my graywater. if you do, make sure not to use the kitchen drain water. i replumbed my house to run the graywater from the showers, bath sinks and washer out. i can collect it and pump it back up for toilet use if i had too. i have a effluent pump in the septic system so rerouting the graywater out saves on pump time. my solar will run the pump the 15 minutes a month that it takes to pump it up the hill to the drainfield.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I use the dishes rinse water but none of the soapy water.

      I want to redo the big bathroom if we avoid the SHTF events I think I will make recycleing the gray water part of the job.

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