Woo Hoo! I have tap water again.

It wasn’t easy but I finished up the 5 day no tap water test without completely losing my mind or succumbing to exhaustion.  This water line isn’t going to freeze because the city code requires it to be buried 42 inches deep. That seems a bit much even for our winters but it’s almost done. The plumbers will be back to finish up the last of the back fill in the morning.  I will take it easy for a day maybe two and then I’ll catch up some of the weekly cleaning chores and start re-filling my water barrels.

One thing I want to mention is my 5 gallon camp jugs seemed to leak a bit around the spigot. A little bit of plumbers tape on the threads of the spigot did a great job stopping the leaks. Plumber’s tape is cheap and easy to use so adding a roll the toolbox is a good idea.  I will have a few more ideas and helpful hints for everyone once I have a chance to recover physically and evaluate how I could make things easier if the water is turned off for a longer period of time.

I don’t think many people know just how much work going without tap water is for more than a day or two,  I know I didn’t when I started my first water test. Though this test was easier it is a lot of work to move the water yourself. All I did was keep the house going if I had a garden that would have added a lot of work even with my rain barrels. Going without a sewage system is something I don’t want to think about as far as additional work.  I don’t want to see any kind of collapse though I think it is going to happen. I know disasters can happen to anyone and knowing you have things on hand and have tested has helped my confidence that I can things short term at least and gained the knowledge so that I can help others.

In a collapse I’m certain I can handle whatever comes my way for the rest of my life, however long or short that happens to be.

13 Responses to Woo Hoo! I have tap water again.

  1. Stephen says:

    Excellent. I too need to empty my two drums and refill. If only I had the time.

    • Jamie says:

      Stephen, Some of the water I used was a year or two old at least with no problems. I have a dark cool (50 degrees F.) storage area and or closets. I use Brita filters for drinking and water for coffee. I store city tap water which has some residual bleach that seem to protect from algae.

  2. I decided to go the more natural route and store my emergency water in a pond and focus more on purifying it. I also have the barrels and cistern for rain caching though. Your doing well not everyone can have a pond I guess 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer, I’m working on more rain barrels though a cistern would be nice. It’s amazing just how much rain water could be collected even here in the high deseert.
      The one thing I wish I could have is a real septic tank installed.

      My number one concern if the SHTF is lack of proper sanitation. I can do a few short term things but since people tend to ignorant about sanitaion, without the city’s infrastucture I will be vunerable even if I do everything right!

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    GREAT! I’m glad to hear it Jamie. You should be an expert at this aspect of preparations after going through all that.

    • Jamie says:

      Danny, Each of my test I have done I get a little bit better as I learned to make things easier. I think having the wood stove was a big part of the success of this test since I could keep water hot overnight and since it centrally located I didn’t have to move the water to far for the bathroom or kitchen.

      I wouldn’t want to do this long term but I think I could for a month or three if I needed to in a disaster.

  4. Soffitrat says:

    42″? I hope you never have another break!

  5. Spud says:

    Tap water ? Hah ! My Wife and I lived and cruised for seven years on a sailboat, weren’t tap water there lol

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I know going without tap water was a lot easier when I was in the Army. Of course I was younger, dumber and not disabled!
      What surprises me is how much water the house requires to keep pipes and sewage functioning.

      • riverrider says:

        “lot of work just keeping the house going” that’s why they had seventeen kids back in the day,lol!

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