I got a bad feeling about this….

Dad paid to much to have the new water line installed, which means I’m on the hook for paying it back.  I think Dad was a bit embarrassed, as I asked him to get an estimate and we could have got a couple of bids since I had water on hand. I called him tonight and let him know that there were no hard feelings. I told him not to take it wrong but  I am sort of hoping I won’t need any more of his “help” this year. I got the new budget sort of worked out to add some money to pay off Dad a bit faster. I’m taking most of my savings from the TV bill and adding that to the debt payment. It won’t be as fast as I want but it will be a bit faster than it would have been normally.

Speaking of money, I paid off the .22,  ordered a Sawyer water filter and another SW transceiver for preps.  That gives me some backups of the filter and radio coms.  I am going to give the water department a call and see what they can do on the cost of paying the water bill in payments. I could pay the bill when due but if it isn’t to expensive in late fees I may take a couple of months to pay it off.  I want to buy a small green house and have it all set up and in use this month. This is a time critical purchase for the garden.  With the drought west of the Rockies being so bad and California already cutting off water deliveries. The garden is going to be more important than ever because of rising food costs.  I can’t raise enough food to be self sufficient but I can stretch out how long my staples last and add much needed vitamins and variety to my diet with a garden.  I got an idea for one of my collapsible rain barrels on the concrete pad of my patio that will work out for watering the green house plants.

Getting those barrels filled up is high on my to do list.  Spring is coming and it is critical to add as much water storage as you can afford to have on hand. You need to take advantage of the rain falling on your roof and divert it to put on your garden and trees.  Even in drought some rain usually falls and you need to collect it and have it ready to use.  Add some soaker hoses, drip irrigation and water cans so you can use that water where it will do the most good. If you can’t afford rain barrels or the PTBs get cranky, get some tarps and five gallon buckets, kiddy pool or a pond and catch all you can of the rain.  I haven’t used it on my garden but adding thick layer of straw around the plants should help retain some moisture.  Plan now so you don’t panic later!

Oh by the way the SEAHAWKS WIN! I’ve been a fan of Seattle since they started the team back in the 70’s.



4 Responses to I got a bad feeling about this….

  1. Marilyn says:

    Be careful mulching with deep straw cause it can attract mice since straw always has seed in it. Grass clippings and fine bark also work well.

  2. Emily Summer says:

    Hopefully you are growing sprouts. They are full of nutrients and come in many varieties; not just alfalfa. Get organic seeds online. They are a preppers ace in the hole for fresh greens

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