A little good news, maybe

I called up the water department like Soffitrat suggested and they might do an adjustment on my water bill. They said they can take a couple of meter readings a week apart and come up with an average on my usage and charge me that amount. Plus they will do a check the new line and make sure that it works and the leak is fixed.  I hope that this works out, as it would be a huge savings for me and make Dad feel a little better as well.  I don’t have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about the plumbers that Dad hired so I want someone else to check for leaks.  Dad was out with the plumbers most of the day, so I think he would have seen anything to hinky. But I’ll feel better with another check of the system.

I started the paperwork for my Concealed Carry Permit (CCP).  I hate the idea I need a permit to exercise my rights, I was cutting off my nose to spite my face. The nice thing about Idaho is my Army discharge papers DD214 is consider good enough for firearms training so all I had to do is give a copy of that, fingerprints and the one page application. I picked up the Ruger 10/22 at the shop so now I feel I have a complete collection of guns for any occasion except big game hunting. A large game rifle will have to wait until I get my debt paid down and I have taken care of a few other items on my to do list.

I need to get some glasses as it seems my eyes are getting a bit worse as I age. I’ll tell you what this getting older ain’t for sissies and it ain’t cheap. I’ll do some checking of a few places and make sure I get a good deal.  I know many of family members think I’m just cheap but what I want to do is get the best value for every dollar I spend. I don’t mind spending a more for quality when I can afford it. Just because something is expensive does not mean it is the best item or the highest quality.

I’m on call for jury duty this month so I had to buy  a few pairs of nice looking slacks without buttons, snaps and zippers. My CIDP can make those a bit difficult for me to use. The  local Macy’s Outlet store had some very nice looking slacks that are pull on that are perfect. Heck I got four slacks for $25.00 on sale.  I have wanted to get some slacks that I could wear that look nice but I didn’t think I could justify the cost.  Sweats are fairly cheap, warm and easy, but I don’t wear them just because they are comfy. I wear them because they are easy to put on with my handicap. Women’s fashions have always been busy with buttons and zippers and some of them in strange places on the clothing.

The Laundry update: Marilyn the Borax soak seems to be working. I have done 2 loads on my towels one with hot water and one with cold and I am smelling some improvement.  Using vinegar as the fabric softener is outstanding. Mom said she thinks the colors of my clothes look more vibrant/brighter and I noticed my cottons seem a bit looser like the heat of the dryer is not tightening the weave of the fabric before I started using vinegar.  It seems that I don’t have quit as much static electricity coming out of the dryer since I started using the vinegar.   I would recommend trying out White vinegar as your fabric softener and see how it works for you.  At $2.00-$3.00 a gallon it beats paying for fabric softener and vinegar is a great multi-tasker.


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  1. Ya know several years ago I got called for jury duty at the exact same week I was hired in a new job. Now I know they have to let you out of work for the duty but the very day I started seemed a bit too much to ask. I called em and said there was no way and they let me off the hook.

    Not saying you ant out of it but your story reminded me of that.

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: The local PTBs will hate me as a juror as I know a bit about the differnce between Law and Justice as well as Jury nullification. I look forward to Jury duty, so I probaly won’t be called or kicked to the curb quickly by the lawyers.

      Hey I bought new clothes and we all know chicks only buy new clothes to make a STATEMENT.

  2. Emily Summer says:

    Have been using white vinegar for years as a final rinse. I love it. I think I probably told you that before. Two glug glugs from a gallon jug does it. It also does a great job on windows.

    • Jamie says:

      Emily: It’s quite possible you told me and I ignored it. I’m not proud of myself as I’m not very fond of the smell of vinegar though Bleach doesn’t bother me a bit. I can be a bit slow on learning new things but when I get some proof of how stuff works I’ll get in there and push hard for adaptation.

  3. Marilyn says:

    If Sam’s Club is an option for you, you can get 2 gallon of restraunt grade white vinegar for around 3.58. It comes 2 one gallon jugs/box. Glad the borax is helping. I’ve had to take towels from the washer (after the spin cycle) lay them on a table, sprinkle borax on them, kind of massage it in, then let them absorb that for a couple of days and then send them through the wash again.

    • Jamie says:

      I do have a few item I need to bleach. Now I am trying the least harsh method first and moving up rather than starting with a hard core chemical method first.
      If I need to bleach my towels I can do that but I’m fairly well impressed with how well the borax soak and vinegar rinse/fabric softener is working out. It’s a work in progress and just doing a couple of washes I can see thing are getting better each time.

  4. Soffitrat says:

    Did you ever get that dog? You could take him with you and claim you are blind. 🙂

  5. kymber says:

    Jamie – we use apple cider vinegar in our rinse cycle – then we hang the clothes on lines in the upstairs bedroom. the moisture and the smell in the house is just divine and the clothes are super soft. we had a bunch of smelly, old, musty towels in a bag that we forgot about for about half a year – i ran them through the washer and used the apple cider vinegar and they came out smelling divine. we really enjoy hanging the clothes in the house in the winter as it really adds a nice, fresh smell to the air in the house and adds moisture.

    i can’t wait until you finish your jury duty so you can tell us what you can tell us. i am glad that you got yourself some nice slacks and for a really good price.

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, I’m using the cheap white vinegar in the washer and the smell is very slight so that isn’t much of an issue.

      I don’t know I would want to use real Apple cider vinegar on clothes unless I made it myself. Now my Beer Lady does sell the “mother” for wine vinegar and with my grapes I may try out making a bit of homemade vinegar this fall to see how it works out.

      There is a new company in my hometown that started a super fast brewing method using almost any kind of juice or liquid. It’s called the Bootlegger Bottle and it makes an adult beverage in about 48 hours, and it is reusabe the yeast has lasted five months so far. You might check them out at https://squareup.com/market/ruckus-fermentation

  6. riverrider says:

    j, sasha will take bug game using soft point bullets and if you don’t try far off shots. you can get scopes/mounts too and make it a decent varmint gun. sasha is very versatile.

    • riverrider says:

      oops, BIG game. well bug game too if you’re good.

    • Jamie says:

      river, around here the shots do tend to be fairly long range(200-300 yards average). I’m leaning towards a .270 or the .308 for the the big game rifle

      • riverrider says:

        highly over-rated and recoil heavy. suggest a 243. varmints to elk with dif bullet weights. low recoil. flat shooting out to 300. don’t let anybody tell you its too small either. i’ve killed many a deer with the poodleshooter 223. never had one walk away.

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