Amazon order and watched the TV

I got in one of the Sawyer mini water filters $20.00 from Amazon.  I like the Sawyer water filter’s set up and flexibility with it’s bag and how it attaches to a water bottle.  You can flush the filter and supposedly it can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water. It’s main competitor is the Life Straw but I don’t like it as well if you are on the go. I believe the Life straw filter is good for about 250 gallons and about the same price as the Sawyer filter.  I haven’t done a test on the Sawyer water filter yet but it has a very good rating on Amazon.  I will be adding a few more of these water filters for  my friends/family/barter box.  It’s  best to think in several layers for your water from boiling, bleach/iodine, to a larger ceramic/Berky type water filter to try and make any water safe to drink. The chemical contamination that happened in West Virginia throws kind of a monkey wrench in that idea but if you are dealing with that sort of hazard I would look for a different water source.  I think if the SHTF you will can mitigate but not eliminate all hazards or dangers. One reason I like using rain barrels or a cistern as your backup water supply after you have your basic water safe water storage complete. You can treat that water with a filter and boiling,  it should be safe and you control your water supply somewhat depending on Mama nature.

Added another of the Baofeng transceiver from Amazon for about $30.00.  These radios are not long range but they are a nice addition to my communication plan.  The website has some great information on getting your Ham lic. as well as using and programing the Baofeng radios.  I also found a study guide for the Technician Lic. a local Ham radio club and monthly testing place so I will work on getting the knowledge for the test in March. I learned most of the electronic stuff in the Army Signal school but I need a refresher and things are a bit different for the civilian side of communications. So going over the study guide is a good idea.

I finally watched a a couple of hours of TV using the Roku. I always loved the show Connections  with James Burke so I got on Youtube via the Roku 3 and watched Connections III and the first Connection show “The Trigger Effect” which I consider one of the best starting places for preppers/survivalists/self-reliant types and what you may need for a disaster. It is interesting how bits of knowledge/technology build upon each other that make life what it is today.  The Roku does not seem to lag or get hung up buffering any programs.  I can’t tell the difference at all other than a bit of loading time at the beginning of any show and that is never more than 20 -30 seconds.  If you are using the older type CRT TV and the basic Roku the picture looks much better if you set it up with it’s native ratio. My older CRT TV is best at the 4:3 ratio rather than the 16:9 ratio that most LCD/digital TV screen ratio.


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  1. Matt says:

    the question pool for the technician class expires late this spring or early summer….. so if anyone plans on passing by memorization, you need to get on it.

    also YouTube videos are out there for programming those radios, but honestly it was pretty easy. And for the money they are great little radios. I bought two and I can hit all the local repeaters in my area.

  2. Jamie says:

    Matt: I got the study guide that is supposed to cover all of the 400 questions that are supposed to be on the basic tech test.

    I want to take the test in March and I have most of the basic electronic/electric knowledge via the Army Signal school. I started out as repair before becoming just an operator in the Army though I need a bit of a refresher of knowledge.

    Matt you sound like you play this game. Do you have a Ham lic. and if so could I pick your brain?

    • Matt says:

      I’ve had a technicians class for almost two decades. due to moving around a lot I’ve never been terribly active with it.

      feel free to ask, although I’d prefer to do it via email and not on your blog

      • Jamie says:

        Matt thanks! I should be fine but it’s always nice to have an expert that has done the stuff as a resource.

      • Matt says:

        Jamie, anytime…. just ask…. but what’s going on today on Preppy’s blog with the firewood, is the reason I don’t prefer public discussion on specific subjects….. he made a statement about his firewood and now every critic is over there trying to dispute him.

      • Jamie says:

        Matt I didn’t want to get in the middle of a fight as Pioneer gave me some helpful hints when I started using my wood stove. I absolutely love my stove and it’s working great I wish Pioneer’s stove worked out better and wasn’t so much work.

  3. Good for you. I haven’t had time to do much but cut wood this Winter so I am behind the curve.

  4. Soffitrat says:

    Checking those out now. Thanks!

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