Some odds and ends

Added two more packages of the petite-sirloins to the freezer, $2.99 is to good of a price to pass up. Albertson’s had the “fiora” toilet paper $2.99 for a 12 pack with in- store coupon. The “fiora” brand is showing up at some other super markets now, so if you can get a low price it’s a good quality toilet paper.  It seems that I’m having to work harder just to keep my food costs within my budget. I think I will have to add a bit more money for food just to keep pace the spring.  The greenhouse and the garden will be a big part of keeping the food cost down.

At least I hope I can get the greenhouse this month. It will depend how things work out with the water bill and I won’t know until Tuesday of this week.  Having the water main replaced has not been one of my favorite repairs. It’s one of those repairs/home improvement things you can’t show off.  People seem very unimpressed that you have running water. If you have gone without running water for awhile it is a very big deal!  I haven’t refilled my water barrels yet. I’m waiting on the water department to take the reading for what I use normally and refilling the barrels would skew the numbers. I will add a 15 gallon barrel to my upstairs supply along with four of the 5 gallon camp jugs. I will keep the 2 liter bottles empty and store them in the garage.  I’ll fill the soda bottles as needed, to give someone water to get by for a day or two. I can’t wait to test the new Sawyer water filter of course all my rain barrels are frozen so I will probably wait for spring to check how it works.

Both Mom and Dad are going to get their Ham Tech. level  license with me next month. There are two sites that have great info for the Baofeng transceiver as well as the study materials for your ham license, and  This seems like a good time to add at least a basic level of SW communications to your preps if you haven’t already.  For about $30.00 for the radio at Amazon, $7.00 for the USB cable to make programing the radio easier and then $15.00 or less for the test you could get your ham setup and ready to go pretty darn cheap. You can always upgrade as time and finances allow you to add to your commo setup.

On to the wonderful world of laundry and an update.  It seems that the musty smell is getting less noticeable as I use the Borax and vinegar each wash load. I did a good bleach soak of the whites today.  I had a few white items that had some stains so I figured I’d go all out and use the bleach on a load and see how it works out.  I’m still a bit surprised just what a great softener vinegar is for cloth. I will be getting more vinegar when it goes on sale.

Last but not least the dish network and Roku update. I’m still getting all kinds of offer to restart the dish network again and I still have not received the shipping label. It’s been three weeks since I canceled so I suppose that dish is hoping I will change my mind. The Roku 3 with the Youtube channel has much more to offer for free TV programs, especially older shows like Carol Burnett or Connections that I like so well. I wasn’t a big TV watcher before and now I have so many more channels and options I have to say I am really happy I went with Roku.


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  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie I’m glad to hear you are pleased with the Roku, as I said before, my wife and I love it. It is so versatile.

    Give us all a review soon as you can on the Sawyer, we are focusing on upgrading our water filtering and purification capabilities at the moment.

    • Jamie says:

      Danny: I don’t want to wait for spring so I will put the Sawyer through a few test with tap water just to see how easy it is to use, clean etc.

      I know one thing that sold me on the Sawyer compared to life straw was the bag, water bottle attachment rather than drinking straight from the creek like you see in the Life straw ads. I also like the volume of water it can treat. The Sawyer came with a plunger type assembly that you use to flush the filter. It seems to be a complete setup that is small and light weight.

  2. Got solar for that freezer yet? Don’t need the whole house, but just one freezer…?

  3. Been trying to talk my wife into the roku thing. So far she hasn’t jumped.

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer, You might have her check out the Roku Website for all the channel offerings and the Video on demand from Amazon Prime. You can see just how many TV networks and Movies you can watch for free. I was surprised Amazon Prime offered free movies like Skyfall and the Hunger games.

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