God has a weird sense of humor sometimes…

Last month I posted I wanted to focus on getting stuff fixed around the house.  I started a little savings plan that seemed to be working for me.  I was so excited on getting some appliances replaced and other work done that I had been puting off because of cost .  I certainly have made a major home improvement with the water main replacement.  It’s not all bad, just the timing is less than optimal from a cash flow point of view.  I like knowing that the work is done and I hope it will last.  So far so good, as the water dept. said there is no- flow when they checked the meter that should mean I’m good to go as far as any leaks and I should get the estimated usage for my adjusted water bill in the next couple of days.  If the SHTF it might be tough finding a plumber and parts for a replacement water line.

My garage door opener just shredded the gear that opens and closes the door.  Literally shredded, as all that is left is plastic fuzz  that resembles pocket lint. Dad came over and gave it a look and disconnected the chain so I could open the door manually. There was a bit of light rope that was tied to the disconnect that I did not know it was for going to manual mode opening the door.  I found a new garage door opener of the same make that is only $120.00 at Lowes.  Dad’s taking a look at it to see if we can use the rails and chain from the old opener and that should save a few dollars. I can’t complain about the garage door opener dying as it was installed back in 1995 so almost 20 years isn’t to bad a lifespan for any machine.

This week I can start refiling the water barrels, now that the estimate is done. Some great buys are starting for meat at Paul’s on pork roast, chops and even beef Rib-eyes.  Albertsons has lobster tails for $3.88 each and some wild caught salmon for $2.49 a pound. Once I know the cost of the estimated water bill I will figure out how much meat I can afford to stock up on. My guess that meat prices are going to go up dramatically this year so I’m trying to stock up as much as possible before the new “normal” prices hit the store shelves.

I’m hoping things will calm down a bit. 2014 has been a challenge and it’s not even the middle of February.


8 Responses to God has a weird sense of humor sometimes…

  1. Repairs are my major cost expenditures anymore. I just hate em.

    • Jamie says:

      Home owner’s have a big box they through money at! It would be more efficient to toss wads of of cash in my wood stove though that probaly wouldn’t work in the long run.

      I should complain.. I’m still surprised people take those bits of paper with dead guy pictures on them and give me stuff I actually need daily.

  2. I know the feeling, it seems like whenever you’re tightening the purse strings something seems to explode just at the edge of my vision. I hope everything works out for you

  3. riverrider says:

    beef has already jumped here in the east. pork is cheaper for some reason despite the mystery pig illness going around. i’m already tired of chicken. guess i should have killed a couple of those bambies that love to tease me so much.

  4. Spud says:

    Ya know that City water won’t be there anywho after SHTF….
    Seeing how ya’ll own yer house why not install a cistern of sorts to collect all your rainwater. Boise don’t get much but I’d imagine you could collect at least 3 or 4 thousand gallons over a years period.
    Once the municiple water is gone ( which means Idaho Power don’t work no mo ) the sewer also no more workie. Your rain barrels are a good start, but in Idahos arid climate ya’ll need more for a true SHTF eventuality.
    Just sayin lol
    Keep up the good work girl, you doing a thousand percent more than most !

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I would not mind a cistern and a septic tank but I can’t afford it. I’m adding more rain barrels when I can afford it and I can get covers for all the gutters installed for about $150.00 but again I’m a little short cash wise.
      I’ll just keep working at it and hope I have enough time to get all the projects done. If not I can get by for awhile.

  5. If the SHTF and you don ‘t have that (bill) taken care of, let us know. I mean it.

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