Some very good news!

The water department gave me a adjustment on my bill. Basically they took off the massive sewage charge on the bill and I just have to pay for the water portion. The sewage charge was over $400.00 so I’m not complaining and I have to say the folks at the water department did a lot to help me with the whole water problem. They took extra readings and actually adjusted the bill so I don’t have to pay the $600.00 and then wait for a refund or a credit which is nice.

I finally found a toilet float that fits the arm for my older toilet. I had to buy the more expensive copper type float ball but for $15.00 I have both toilets filling with the correct amount of water. I am maually opening and closing the garage door. It’s actually very easy to manage since I had the large spring replace a year or two ago. I can wait to replace the garage door opener.  The last bit of savings I got notified of was my power bill. By turning off the Hot water heater while the water was shut off I saved quite a bit on my electric bill. I dropped a few other things that used electricity like the dish cable box and an always on laptop that used to connect the phone line to the cable box.  I’ll do another comparison of electrical usage next month and see how much power the water heater is using each month.

Things are working out okay and I learned a lot during this little disaster.

6 Responses to Some very good news!

  1. YA know those hot water heaters are huge power hogs as you are finding out. My dad was talking the other day that he spent more money on electric when he had guests for a week than he has the last two months combined running the heater. Only thing he could see that was run was the water heater.

    Gratz on the reduction in the bill..

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer, The water heater always got sort of “lost in the weeds” of my power use. I got really serious about reducing my electical use last summer with the small window A/C unit and the wood stove installed in Sept. Since last July I have cut my electrical use by about 2/3’s compared to last year and the temps has been about the same so a little change shows up in a big way!

      I got a couple ideas floating around like installing one of those instant water heaters but it will have to wait until I pay down some debt.

  2. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Glad things worked out. We got our gas bill for the last two months and it was lower then the power. Our furnace is gas. I keep it at 66 at night. Gas was $60.00 power around $120.00

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, I was really happy when you said the trailer had gas heat. With the cold you have been dealing with, heating with electric would have been brutal on costs.

  3. Ah So Desu! I’m glad that worked out.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I think Dad learned a bit of a hard lesson about taking bids and not panicing right away. I love him but when get’s into his “hero mode” sometimes he just does stuff right away instead of taking a bit of time to think things through.
      Well he agreed he paid to much for the water main repair, I learned I can actually do a good job on bids and contracting and I learned a lot, even if Dad didn’t and while I’m a bit peeved heck it’s family and he meant well! Hell I’m almost 50 years old I should move beyond hoping Daddy will save me!

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