Darn! Out of coffee

The Family Dollar sold out of the Maxwell house for $4.95 a can. I can’t say I’m all that surprised as I have told many people about the sale after I picked up 6 cans. I have learned I need to get mine first before I share info with others here locally. Fred Meyer’s has coffee for $5.99 a can so I can get a couple more cans for a good price.  It wasn’t a total loss since I got another big bottle of the Dawn dish soap. I think those two bottles should cover my dish soap needs for the year.

Today is Mom’s birthday and while it wasn’t much, we went for a little drive out of town, checked out a thrift store and had lunch.  I got some real gas at the Ferry and was chatting with the clerk about how fast the price was going up. I said I expected the gas prices to be $4.00 a gallon by the end of May and she said it would probably hit that in April as the supplier is raising the price weekly by 5-8 cents on each delivery.  Idaho tends to have high gas prices,  but if you have empty fuel cans to fill up I would not wait around hoping the  price will drop. This summer looks like it is going to challenging, so the more you stock up now the easier it should be to stay on or at least close to the budget.

We got a some rain and the trench did not settle much but I have about another 3 feet, a couple of inches deep or so to fill in. One of the strawberry buckets is putting out more new growth. Mom has a some lavender plants that needs  thinned out so I will get some of those plants for free. Still cleaning up the grape vines as it sort of race on weather I can get them done before they start putting on new growth. On using vinegar for a fabric softener I noticed that my dark clothing does not hold on to the dog hair and I don’t have to use a lint brush as much. If you have pets you know dark clothes are like a hair magnet so the vinegar has been a real winner in the laundry room.

If the weekend stays sort of dry I will work on the grape vines and yard, if it rains I’ll focus on the pantry organization. I will be programming the little handheld SW radios and studying for the Ham lic. test in March.  I was going to write that it is going to get busy here at Casa de Chaos but it always seems it is busy around here.

2 Responses to Darn! Out of coffee

  1. Marilyn says:

    Did you try price matching the coffee at Wal Mart?

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn, No I don’t care to shop at Wally world. It’s not worth trying to go shopping on the first of the month and it’s a weekend.

      I figure I’ll get 3 cans of coffee at Freddys on Sat. as I have to got to Big Lots for a sale on canned Dog food. I really hate the crowds shopping on the first of the month but the sales end on Sat.

      That sounds like I’m some kind of Wal-mart snob and I just never cared for the store. I have always prefered a more of a small town feel in a store rather than the “We have everything and at the lowest price”. It’s an emotional not logical reaction but I felt that way in the German walmarts of the 90’s and the ones in the USA in the 2000’s

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