Water ARRGH! and Smokey the cat in hunt mode

I managed to get the last of the trench filled in and then the rain came. I sort of tamped down the dirt with the garden rake but left a small berm to funnel any water away from the basement where the water line enters the house.  No problems with any water in the basement but why take chances? I’m very big on making sure of your water supply. From what you store to how you treat it to make it safe to doing “No Tap water tests” but I got to tell you I’m getting a little tired of dealing with all this water related stuff!  Just to add a little fun I managed to break the float arm that regulates filling the toilet and of course it’s the toilet with the faulty water valve that no longer works to turn off water to the toilet.  After a slight workout of my Army vocabulary I got a clamp on the little plunger valve that fills up the tank and assessed the damage. All I need to do is replace the guts of the toilet tank and since I will have to turn off the water to the whole house I  hope to add a new valve and pipe to the toilet so I can turn off the water for any future repairs.  Total cost for parts should be about $30.00 and since I have a pre-EPA toilet that actually only needs one flush to take care of business.  It is worth it to repair instead of buying a new toilet.  I am becoming much more proficient doing minor plumbing repairs than I ever imagined.

After moving the dirt and getting it tamped down I came in the house and Smokey the cat was in serious hunt mode in the kitchen. So of course I opened the kitchen cabinets and moved a few things and noticed mouse droppings. Mice are not very clean creatures and they will leak urine as they travel and attack your food storage if given the opportunity. So of course time to go into clean up mode and double check all kitchen food storage and Jamie while you are at it why don’t you clean and re-arrange all the the cabinets to get your spices and oils away from the heat of the oven and get all your pots/pans and dishes easier to reach and put away in a new spot that while more efficient will leave you cussing for the next 2 weeks while you learn the new system.  Don’t forget to set out new mouse traps along the routes the mice travel.

I did free up a lot of cabinet space and while it isn’t Spring yet,  giving the kitchen a good cleaning was on the todo list. Found one can just starting to bulge and a couple that I thought were a little iffy and got them tossed in the garbage. I was able to open a window and air out the house even though it was rainy it was fairly warm outside.  Of course now that I have cleaned the kitchen cabinets the walls look filthy and I have to clean those. That’s the bad thing about cleaning the house you get it clean and 6 months later you get to do it all again 😉


2 Responses to Water ARRGH! and Smokey the cat in hunt mode

  1. harry flashman says:

    Nobody ever gets caught up. You need a couple of ferrets, Smokey could retire.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I think I got caught once in my life. I think it lasted a whole day. I don’t think Smokey would retire but she could use the ferrets help in getting into some tight spaces.

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