Staying upbeat and positive

I’m reading a lot of blogs of this genre that quite few people are feeling a little depressed. No, I’m not going to say “snap out of it” or put on a smiley face that everything is going to be fine. I think being a little depressed/sad/melancholy is a perfectly rational response to what is happening in the world today. I am speaking about the emotion of depression not the medical condition. Chris Duane talks about it in reference to the Kuebler-Ross model of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance though he does a slight twist of the Bargaining phase the others are fairly straight forward.

Chris calls the Bargaining phase the Annoying phase, I sort of think of it as the phase where I tried to “wake up” other people. I thought if I could just wake up enough people that we could avoid any unpleasantness. Perhaps you have had great sucsess waking people up, but I have not.  Heck I have a hard time convincing friends and family that I haven’t gone “Full-Goose Bozo” when I was in that phase. These are people who supposedly like or love me and tend to give me the benefit of doubt.  I know I no longer try to reach out to anyone still in the Denial stage and I’m very selective about what I say to those in the Anger phase.  As there is often a backlash that somehow I’m lazy or a coward because I’m not Angry anymore.

Believe it or not I think the Depression stage is a healthy and  normal response to what we are dealing with and yes it sucks while you go through this stage. But you have to cycle through this stage to get to the Acceptance stage or my understanding of Kellene’s idea of “Peaceful Preparedness”.  I suppose this might sound like a bunch of Metaphysical claptrap, it did to me when I started out. I needed food and water and guns, lots of guns to survive not some silly mental or emotional navel-gazing for survival.  Myself used to wish that the collapse would just happen so I could move on. I noticed quite a few others just wished the “other shoe” would drop, not because we wanted a collapse and all those bad things to happen though there is a little of “I told you so” in the back of my mind for everyone that blew off my warnings.  But really I just wanted a finish line and then I could stop working so hard a just kick back and relax.

Acceptance for me was when I finally realized there is no finish line other than death no matter what happens in the future.  I believe the global economic/political system is corrupt and will eventually collapse from it’s own weight. Now I’m not telling people to quit being political but I will “Starve the Beast” as I believe it is more effective than trying to correct a corrupt system from inside the system. How I react is the only thing I have complete control over and how you react and the actions you take will do more to convince people than all the talk in the world.

Now instead of just getting angry at the “system” I look for ways to control my reactions as well as try and find ways to protect myself or at least mitigate how it will effect me. I can’t start impeachment hearings against every politician from Obama on down until I find one I sort of like and respect. That’s not even counting the inertia of the government workers and laws and regulations. I really can’t effect what goes on in other countries or the banks, so why play the game?  All you end up doing is banging your head against the wall. You end up with a headache and you annoy the wall!  This is what works for me as my Acceptence phase and it could change in the future.

A few things I found that helped me moving from the depression phase to acceptance. Number one is to realize that my emotions had no effect on the situation but tended to be very negative until I took some positive actions. Try and stay away from toxic people who will try and drag you down until you are miserable. Misery loves company isn’t just a cliche. Take a media break/vacation for a few days to a couple of weeks. There is a good chance the world will keep turning and the sun will come up.  If it doesn’t,  you won’t need to about the price of gas or anything else for that matter!  Learn a new skill, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, watch your favorite movie and have a cookie. It’s okay to do stuff not related to survival and be child-like. See and really look at the world around you, don’t be afraid to live life.  I read a comment by a person that would not travel to see a new grand child because the “Economic collapse” could happen at any time and they did not want to be away from home. Like we say in the Army anything can get you killed including doing nothing! It might be that travel could save that person.

I have no idea what will work overall I just try to stack the odds in my favor and do my best. I tend to be optimistic my Mom is a cynic and we sort of balance each other out. Examine how you tend to view a situation and find someone to give you balance so you don’t spiral down or get euphoric. Always remember this is your life and no one else.  It is up to you how you live it.


3 Responses to Staying upbeat and positive

  1. Marilyn says:

    Love this! Great read!

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn: Glad you liked the post. It’s based on what I have learned from looking at myself as well as others(from the outside)
      I’m still learning but I think this 5 stages of prepping covers my journey. It can be tough to examine your own self, though it seems very easy to critique others about what they are doing wrong. We seldom see the mistakes we make.
      It can be tough to take out your soul and examine it. Often we are not as good or bad as we think. We are just human and we just do the best we can.

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