Mama Nature/God giving us a heads up to get ready?

Many of us have asked the question “What does it take to wake people up?”  I took a pretty big smack upside the head to wake up to how unprepared I was for just about anything. My 100% disability and having very little money coming in for over 9 months and no food in the house when I came home from the ECU(Extended Care Unit)  made me “wake up”.  While that was my own personal disaster, we have seen all kinds of snow storms, a market crash, droughts and a recession that is still ongoing after nearly 7 years. I don’t believe the government numbers we are in a “recovery”.  I think things are slowly getting worse and the PTBs seem to want a war to distract the people from the economy and their incompetence.

There has not been anywhere in the USA that has not been hit with a disaster of some sort. I started checking my basic preps every time I heard of a storm coming and I have never gone so long that all the batteries died in my flashlights/radios without me replacing them before they ran out of energy.  My little no tap water disaster went darn well overall as I had prepared for it based on other people’s water disaster from flooding to frozen pipes.  I’m not trying to minimize the economic damage or loss of life but if you are prepared you should have been able to mitigate some of effects.

This is why I think that Mama nature/God has been giving us these test so we can prepare ourselves and learn from others.   I have learned so much from other people’s storm stories that I have become even better prepared because of what they did that worked or did not work.  Lately most of the stories have been about staying warm, how to get through a power outage or no tapwater because of freezing pipes. With spring comes flooding and around here some pretty brisk winds that can cause power to go out via falling limbs and trees. Then Summer and trying to stay cool and hydrated in the heat along with keeping the garden watered in drought conditions, for some it’s wildfires or Hurricane season.  Fall seems to be fairly quiet for storms in this area. It’s very busy though getting everything ready for winter.  Now that’s just basic weather disaster type stuff even if you don’t believe there will be an “economic collapse” like I do there are plenty of reason to prepare based on just a normal year.  The thing is that your preparations for a normal weather disaster works great for bigger “widespread” disasters since us humans still need the basics everyday to live no matter what happens.

I’m not a parent but following Greece’s economic collapse parents gave up their children because they could no longer feed them. I can’t even imagine how that feels though it would bother me if that happened to one of my nieces or nephews and I don’t even like children! Greeks are having a hard time just buying aspirin, not some rare chemo treatment but a few tablets of aspirin and we can get 100+ tablets for a dollar. Greeks had socialized medicine and aspirin was always cheap or free so few people stocked up or valued it.  The economic disaster is just as real and causes suffering just as real as a natural disaster but it is slower and not sexy enough for charities to get attention or donations.

Perhaps it it is normalcy bias and we always tend to think the bad things will happen to someone else, but we all are someone else.  The USA is not” special” and the idea it can’t happen here is ridiculous because it has happened here!  Get the basics, the generator that keeps the lights on in winter perhaps keep a small Air conditioner and fans going in summer. Buy food when it is season in the summer and you can reduce you food bill in winter when heating costs are higher!  But if you feel that life has been particularly unfair to you please let me know and I shall take it up with  management of Life and the Universe. Please include all legal documentation and contracts that guarantee fairness to anyone or you specifically!

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  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    You illustrate the value of sites such as this one Jamie. Many people check back constantly here and elsewhere reading what others have done and as you point out, learning from others.

    Thank you for taking the time to operate such a wonderful site, and a big thanks to those posting incredible info here.

  2. I agree. I often think our higher power is giving some of us hints and might be setting the stage so to speak. Only time will tell for what though.

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: I do think God works on the macro and micro scale. All we need to do is listen and execute. Now that sounds simple and that doing God’s will we will have no troubles. We will have troubles no matter what with that pesky “free will” thing and I think God sometimes has a bizarre sense of humor

  3. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Two of my cousins are all worked up over a concert for the Back Street Boys. I told them to grow up. They didn’t like that one bit. I only worry about my family here under my roof. The rest can tread water.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, I like music and haveall kinds of tastes but the Back Street Boys? Is it a hipster/retro thing? Because Bessie Smith and the big bands got those guys beat in talent. Just think Glen Miller’s “In the Mood” or the Andrew sisters “The boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of company B, and it will destroy any pop music earworm

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        Not meaning to get off topic here but anyone that hears “The boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” and doesn’t start at least tapping their toes, well…they need their pulse checked!

      • Jamie says:

        Dannybay I’d say I’m dating myself but I’m way to young to know Glenn Miller….
        But I hear “String of Pearls” or in the mood and I sing along even if it is just with the brass section!

  4. Snake Plisken says:

    Once again Jamie, a well thought out article and observations based on your personal experience. I’d like to share with you a couple of mine.

    Last Nov/December I was getting a lot of heat from the state and feds to pay some back taxes from years ago. I exhausted all of my avenues to resolve this issue ( which are burdensome and tiresome so I won’t bore y’all ) and I decided it wasn’t worth my time and energy to deal with these buttholes so I paid cash to get these jerks off my back. While I satisfied these thieves I also shorted myself on my budget for January and February. You see, i’m a full blown commission sales guy and it’s either feast or famine around the Plisken house hold so I have to budget carefully to pay my utilities and basics. While crunching my budget numbers I realized I could save about 500 bucks for Jan and Feb by eating the goods out of my pantry that were approaching their expiration date. Once i got paid I did replace that food with new stuff so my financial situation turned out for the better as well as my pantry.

    Last November we had a tornado ( man, do I HATE those things) blow through here and knocked the power out for three days. I fired up the generator for 2 hours run time twice a day and lived quite comfortably and saved the meat in the freezer. Several of my neighbors had to take shelter in local motels until the power was restored. The fact that these folks didn’t anticipate the power being out for several days and weren’t prepared in the slightest taught me a good lesson: be prepared even if it’s just some extra food and water and candles. I’m pretty sure that most if not all of the people who suffered w/o power for three days didn’t learn a thing.

    We all live in places that have a variety of natural and man made disasters and of course we prep to those anticipated problems.

    The important thing I take away from your post is that no matter our circumstance we will experience inclement weather or short term financial problems no matter where we live. What makes us different is that we take steps to minimize our risk and most people around us go blissfully and ignorantly about their clueless day hoping against all hope that this illusion of safety and wealth could never come to a grinding halt quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

    I’m soooo glad that I’m trying to always better my preps and just as importantly to me, be as free and independent as I possibly can.


    Snake Plisken

    • Jamie says:

      Snake: my event was a very sick dog about 4 months after I started prepping. I managed to cash flow his treatment because I ate of the pantry and did not grocery shop over a 6-8 week period. I was able to pay for all of his treatments about $600-$800 over that timeframe, pay my bills and still eat well though I did miss my salty snacks!

      If anything taught me how valuable prepping even in a small way is that event got me hooked.

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