Updates on Tuffy, the ham radio, other odds and ends Update!

He’s not 100% yet but I haven’t seen him cough so far today. His cough would sometimes start when he got a little excited before breakfast or when I came home from my walk but so far so good.  Tuffy has had a tough few days and he is a little worn out from this cold.  I think he is starting to feel a little better  but I will keep working on things that I hope will make him feel better and make life more enjoyable or at least comfortable. Tuffy is off his feed a bit, usually he inhales every bit of food he can find. I found a dry dog food that does not have any wheat in it and is for older dogs I’m hoping that it will help with his occasional seizures as well as his aches and pains.  Diana my other peke really likes the new food and Tuffy even had a bite of two of it. Diana is a CKC dog from a different breeder and she has not had nearly the health problems Tuffy has had though she is only 6 months younger than Tuffy.

Went to the Ham radio club meeting and I am starting to catch on to the jargon. The club members are taking a little extra time to explain stuff to Mom and I as we are newbies. The Club is having a software day where they work on stuff PC related and going digital and one of the guys will bring his Laptop with the Chirp software and give me a block of instruction on how to use it.  There are a couple of setting I’m not sure of but having someone walk me through the setup will be a lot of help. I got to ask a few questions and made sure it was not my radio causing any interference on the net calls.

Still no luck on the green house arriving at the local farm store. Though Mom wants to get some of the cool weather plants and split a few flats on the ones we can plant now.  I think I’m just a little impatient to get something growing in the garden.  Got a good buy on some chicken at Albertsons for 97 cents a pound. I think I have the freezer well stocked for the year on meats though I’m still hoping for a sale to get my turkeys and Rib eye roasts in a couple of months.

The cash savings plan is going very well and I’m getting some extra payments done on my debt.  Hopefully I won’t get any big surprises for the next couple of months and I can up the cash amount on the debts and keep building the emergency fund.

I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling for this year but if things get nasty, I’m fairly confident in what I have done so far to get ready. If March and April pass without any big glitches we should have the summer off for worrying about any economic collapse stuff. I don’t know why but most crashes tend to happen in the spring and fall in the USA.  As the saying goes “Sell in May and go away”.

Update: Sad news Tuffy died during the night. He had a good life and I think he was comfortable at the end. I’m going to miss the little guy.


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