So far 2014 is playing out like a crappy Country song

I can’t say I like how 2014 has been going so far.  I did have a a pretty good 2013 overall in getting things done so I suppose it is normal to have a few bad breaks come my way.  I sort of suspected it was going to be a quick slide down when Tuffy started having his siezures though I wanted to believe he could live forever. In a way he was such a happy and physical little fur ball it’s sort of bittersweet his passing, as I know he would not have been happy being slowed down a lot by disabilities.  We had 12 years together and he was my little tan shadow through some tough times for me mentally after leaving the Army and my disability. Diana my other peke has been sort of looking for Tuffy but she seems to be doing okay overall and I still have Smokey the cat  so I’m not alone but I miss him a lot.

While no dog could replace Tuffy I am looking for one to add to my litlle pack  and give Diana someone to sort of boss around. I’d also want a dog that is a bit more intimidating looking than Hostess Snowball.  Pekes can be fearless,  but they are not the most physically intimidating dogs. Saw a few rescue dogs that might be a good fit and I’m sure the right one will show up with a bit of patience. I have plenty of good food, some basic first aid as well as a fenced backyard and plenty of time for a dog as I’m gone from the house only a couple of hours a day at most.  My biggest problem is I can’t do walks with a med.-large energetic dog.  Though my adult trike might work with a bit of training for both me and the dog. LOL

It might seem a little bit strange talking of getting a new dog so soon but I’m a firm believer in maintaining the pack and while I can never replace Tuffy, that spot that misses him can be filled by a new dog whith it’s own personality and charm.  No, I don’t think of it is is disloyal nor do I need to dress in sack cloth and ashes to prove how much I loved Tuffy. He was a great dog and I hope some day to be as good a person as he seemed to think I was to him.Sunplus

Tuffy is the Blonde and Diana is the black and white peke. Good bye my little friend until we meet again!


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  1. I guess I am luckier in the pet situation then some. I always figure when it is time for me to have a dog one always shows up and so far that’s how it has always been. When one dies another always comes along eventually and doesn’t leave. I figure that way it is their choice too I guess. It’s always worked out well.

    Sorry about Tuffy though 😦

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: I believe God provides at all times, thuogh it can be a bit tough to recognize it. I’ll do a little crying and I will miss him a lot but life is for the liviving and while it is a cliche, The hurt will ease with time.

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Over the years Mary and I have lost some pets but the one that struck us the hardest was our female Dalmatian named “PJ”. She was with us for 15 years and like one of our children. She was very protective of our youngest daughter while she was still at home exhibiting an uncommon viciousness if strangers came near her. She died the summer of 2012 and we still miss having her around!

    I echo Pioneerpreppy’s sentiment, I’m sorry about the loss of Tuffy.

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you both for commenting. I love critters but some are special and stand out. Because they are often there when we hit a bump in the road. I’m okay, this wasn’t a big surprise. I had a feeling Tuffy was going, said his goodbyes and everything is cool with him. I know some people think that animals don’t have souls but I believe that God is Omnipetent and can create a doggie/pet heaven just as easily as a human heaven. I’m not always sure where I maybe going but I know I’m a better person for learning to take care of all critters and if there is a heaven, I really hope they will put in a good word for me.

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    “I know some people think that animals don’t have souls but I believe that God is Omnipotent and can create a doggie/pet heaven just as easily as a human heaven.”

    Jamie, my wife Mary and I believe this to be true. According to our belief God says in the Bible He will create a “new heaven and a new earth” and He also holds animals accountable if they kill a human.

    It would follow (to our way of thinking) if He punishes them isn’t there also a reward? Like maybe on the “new earth”?! Lot of debate on that subject so I guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves some day.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: I believed it was said in the bible that God was Holy, Holy Holy and gives out “perfect justice”. Well if critters can be held accountable it would follow that they would also be rewarded with “perfect justice”.

      Personally I think Dogs and most dometicated critters are the best argument for “Intelligent Design”. From teacup poodles to Great Danes have all been bred from basic wild dogs or wolf genes. But it it took Man to make a basic breeding program and make all kinds of breeds.The basic genes and DNA are there but a wolf does not suddenly decide to become a vegetarian or French bulldog even to survive!

      I don’t care for scientists that seem to think that animals can suddenly evolve via a thought process. Hell, even us humans can’t suddenly decide we need a certain attribute to survive.

  4. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Sorry to hear about Tuffy. Losing pets is harder at times then anything. We lost both our cats within 6 months of each other. When the first one passed we got another one right away. When the second one passed we picked up a second. We even picked up a third one who the owner didn’t want anymore. We went from 2 older cats to 3 cats each less then a year old in 6 months. Best decision we ever made was getting another one right away. Calmed everyone down. Ever had 7 people cry all the time because the cat passed away??. It was ugly.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, I can’t imagine 7 people grieving like I did andyou are the DAD and must do something! I tend to be very subdued on greiving, just my nature but I think the best way to deal with it is get another furball of some sort. First off there are many critters that need homes and how we treat the the most vunerable creatures says quite a lot about ourselves. Plus its hard not to get caught up in the joy in a pet that finds a new family.

  5. denimflyz says:

    Jamie, my heart goes out to you. I have already lost several special cats this year, from old age, I miss them terribly, but they are at peace over the “Rainbow Bridge” that God himself made.
    Only time heals, and to also know that we all care and all of us are sending thoughts, prayers to help with the healing.
    Blessings upon you.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: I know I was sort of glad that Tuffy went quickly. I think I was working hard to keep him going for myself and not doing what was best for him. I can’t say I was surprised that much though I did have hope that I was getting on top of his problems.

  6. Snake Plisken says:

    So sorry for your loss Jamie. Our pets do become near and dear to our hearts don’t they?

    I had to put down my Golden last July. He was 15 YRO and we both had a great life together. I could take the old fella anywhere in my travels because he was so mellow. My 3 YRO pitbull ( Patches ) is a wonderful and loving pet and plays well with other dogs but she’s stubborn.

    Like you, I’ve thought about getting another dog but I’m not sure about that right now. I really don’t have the time or energy to raise another pup right now due to my busy work schedule.

    I hope you find a new dog that Diana likes to boss around!


    Snake Plisken

    • Jamie says:

      Snake I don’ think I’m up for training a pup either! A little older dog in the 2-3 year range that no longer gets quite so hyper would be good. I like to think I’m pretty good with animals and can handle basic training but I don’t want a physicaly active animal that I can’t keep happy because of my physical limitations. It’s going to take some work to find a good fit for the next Dog.

  7. Marilyn says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs to you. I believe Tuffy will be there waiting to meet you when the time comes. And hopefully that time is a long way off.

  8. Jamie says:

    Thank you all for your good wishes. Things are getting back to normal. Smokey the cat has been showing me a little extra love today making sure I’m Okay and Diana has been sticking close by me.

  9. Emily Summer says:

    I am sorry for your loss…truly. I agree that our furballs are special because they do help us over bad spots in our lives. They are always there, ready to listen and be a comfort. With them, what you see is what you get. Hypocrite is not in their vocabulary.

  10. Dannyboy53 says:

    “Hypocrite is not in their vocabulary.”

    A profound statement Emily. And they ask nothing in return but the necessities. My wife held a 6 month old kitten in her arms all afternoon today until it went to sleep and died. It had been ill for some time, in very bad health. The Vet said nothing could be done for “Candy”. She came to Mary with a lot of joy and left her with a host of memories!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy I’m not sure if I could handle that,. I found Tuffy lying by the garden. I think it made it a bit easier for me not to have to put him down becuase of health problems. Sorry to say I would have gone on trying to make him better when it seems it was time for him to go. I loved how he was almost totally laid back but also lived life to the fullest.

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