I think my Dog is gluten intolerent

Diana has been eating the new dry dog food for a week and I am simply amazed in her transformation.  She is moving much better and has regained her “bounce” in both walking and running.  Her eyes seem brighter and she seems to be taking an interest in all kinds of things she just sort of blew off or ignored since she turned 10 years old about 18 months ago.  I just thought she acted this way because she is getting older and I know that aches and pains will make me move a little slower and more deliberately. I  think it was the wheat in the dry dog food and doggy treats that had a very negative impact on both of my dog’s health. When Tuffy started his seizures I did a little research and found that white flour had been removed from dog food because it could cause seizures or worse in Dogs.  I changed to a doggy treat that had beef as it’s main ingredient and it reduced though did not stop the seizures.

I had hoped the new dry dog food would help stop Tuffy’s seizures and get him back up and healthy, but he died before he had a chance to eat the new dog food.   I feel a little guilty that I did not try this new dog food sooner after seeing the transformation in Diana. As they say hindsight is 20/20 and if you have an older dog that is listless, acting all achy and  “stoved up” you might try a dog food with no wheat as an ingredient and a little higher protein content in the 20% range.  It would be a great legacy for Tuffy if other older dogs/owners can benefit from what I learned and they have more happy and healthy years together!  The dry dog food I’m using now is Diamond’s  Senior Formula, Chicken, egg and oatmeal.  I get it at D and B Supply my local farm store and the price is about the same as IAMS.  Quality food for your animals is a good investment in their overall health and will save you money on vet bills. We prep for ourselves and families and that means our critters need to have the basics just like the rest of the family!

There are a few items I think everyone should have on hand for a Doggy 1st aid kit. I have researched and used these items but if  you know I am wrong please comment and let me know why I’m wrong and a link/where to find the info so other people can make the best “kit” they can use for their pets.  The following is for a doggy 1st aid kit only! I don’t know enough about other pets to put out a list for them!

  1. Aspirin: I  buy the 81 mg tablets and crush them up in a little wet dog food or stick a tablet in a bit of soft food like a hot dog.  Dosage can be one tablet per 15 pound. Treats all inflammation, aches and pains and thins the blood. Just like us humans you don’t want to use aspirin on a dog with bleeding as the blood will resist clotting.
  2. Witch Hazel: For minor bleeding like clipping a nail to close or minor cuts. Apply a soaked Q-tip or bit of gauze should stop any minor bleeding.
  3. Benedryl or generic equivalent anti-histamine:   Yes, dogs can have allergies, rashes and this works great as a sleep aid or calming a nervous dog. The dosage I use is about a half a tablet per 20 pounds of dog.  Sometimes a dog needs is to sleep to “break the cycle” of fear and pain.
  4. Coughs: Many dogs will cough to dislodge something in mouth or throat.  So always give the mouth a good check before giving any medicine. If the cough is making the dog uncomfortable you can give a cough syrup without an “Expectorant”.
  5. Ears:  Many Dogs with floppy ears will often get yeast or bacterial infections that will make them shake their heads, scratching and be darn miserable.  Adding Yogurt to the diet often helps with yeast infections. I have had good luck using Zymox Ear Solution HC .05%.  Keeping the hair trimmed around the ears helps but if your dog’s ears have a bad odor get them to a “Vet” and have the them test for an infection.

While we can use a few “human remedies” on our pets doing basic care, you can’t beat having a good Vet that can help you care for your animals.  There is a good chance in a “disaster” that you will not be able to send a a pet to the groomer or the vet and you will be on your own to do what is best with what you have on hand.  For all the critters you have in your home or homestead you need to have the “basics” on hand for them as well as yourself.

Now I have to find someone that wants a couple of buckets worth of my old dog food as the pet shelters want all donations to be unopened food.  I can’t blame them as some people can be vile and would poison food for critters.


2 Responses to I think my Dog is gluten intolerent

  1. You are right about people. I just read an article about someone taping razor blades to play ground equipment and a little kid got cut on it.

    I keep medical supplies on hand for my dogs, which largely mirror yours. I also have to keep specific medical supplies for my ferrets, as they are much harder to provide medicine for than dogs or cats.

    Don’t feel badly about “I should have” when it comes to pets. I have never yet lost a ferret where I didn’t feel consumed with sadness, thinking I should have done this or that, sooner. But you do the best you can and that’s all you can do.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry: I just read about Rowena today and I’m sorry for your loss. Tuffy died the same day so I guess they are playing together since I couldn’t afford to get a ferret.

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