Catching up

It looks like this month’s big water bill payment is from when the water main was busted. My city sends out the water bill every two months so there is always some lag time between what I use and when a payment is made.  The timing sucks but these things happen when you are a home owner.  I can pay all the bills and stay “on target” buying the green house and the savings plan, though I will have to skip a few items on my stock up list for April.  One project for April is getting some chicken thighs canned up for storage.  Albertson’s has the thighs for 88 cents a pound so Mom and I will get about 15 pounds each and get it all canned for the pantry. Even with the cost of the jars and lids, it should be about $2.00 per pound of canned chicken and you can’t buy canned meat for that price.  We will do the canning at my house because Mom has a glass top stove that does not like canners.

Food costs are looking to go up a lot, so if you are less than happy with your pantry I would focus on stocking up if you are a bit weak in that area.  I’m in good shape overall but I don’t like how food prices are spiking this year.  Everything I have been reading and listening too seems to point to food prices getting even higher this summer. So getting your garden growing and buying/preserving  food while it is still low cost is a critical goal the next couple of months. It is a little early yet to plant most crops but I’m going to try a few party buckets growing potatoes in a couple of days. I have 3 types of potatoes, a purple viking, red pontiac and yukon gold to try out.

My Aunt is back from playing “snowbird” in AZ. and getting her green house going for plants. This year I get to pay her back for plants she gives us. She wants some DE and found out that used beer grains are great for her goats. I want my used beer grains to be of use and my aunt found a way to store them safely for feed. Once I get the info on using and storing the used grain for animal feed I’ll update the blog.  You got to be creative and willing to learn how to get the most use out of everything you do to to get self-reliant.  It is usually costs more in physical energy rather than money but I think it is worth it if you can do it.  Plus if I can get free or even cheap goat’s milk trading for used grains I just toss on the compost pile it will be a huge win for me!

I finally got a bit of sleep and suddenly I needed to clean and start getting stuff ready for Spring.  Did a bit rearranging of the furniture in the living room.  One thing nice about going to the Roku is my TV is no longer tethered by a cable of any sort so I can place it anywhere in the room. A bad thing is I have big furniture in a small living room, add in the Wood stove and it gets very full and the room is a bit odd with storage, doors and walkways are a challenge.  Anyway I washed down the blinds, changed from winter to summer curtains and even dusted/wiped down everything in the living room.  I am already a bit sore and the weather is damp so Sunday looks like it will have to be an easy/recovery day. Mentally I think I’m bouncing back and getting on top of things and hope to get a few little projects started or done.



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