Getting ready to make some beer

I filled up the big stockpots with water and have things ready to go on making a batch of wheat beer. One thing I forgot to mention in the water test AAR is how your pots can build up deposits if you have hard water like me.  I used some straight white vinegar and one of the magic eraser sponges and the deposits came off fairly easily. Since I use a wort chiller I’m going to start refilling my 15 gallon water barrels with the runoff water instead of letting the water just drain into the sink. I have a small dolley that will help me move the barrels back into storage.  I am finally getting over the not wanting to deal with moving water by hand since my water test.  I opened up a couple of my rain barrels and I was very happy that they held the water from last year and did not crack after I drained them  to about a 3/4ths full.  I need to set up one of my collapsible water barrels next to the where the green house will be setup and get the downspout redirected to fill it.  One thing I like about the collapsible barrels is the entire top of the barrel can be opened and it makes it easy to dip a watering can into the water. I think that will be very handy to have next to the green house.

Diana is just about done with all of her shedding and her coat is getting very shiny. She is doing so well since I change her dry food. If you are interested in using the same Diamond’s Senior blend D&B Supply does shipping.  I also get my 50 gallon rain and 55 gallon water barrels from for under $40.00. I have added a link in the shopping sidebar. Check the shipping costs but it might be a good deal if you are wanting to add water barrels to your preps.  I haven’t found the rigid sided greenhouse I wanted to buy.  I may have to go with a cheap one this year and save up some more money before I find the green house I want to get.  I got the cold weather plants set up in a sunny window for now and they seem to be doing quite well overall.   Today it dipped to about 28 degrees F. and I want to wait until Friday to plant.

Taxes are all finished but I have to go to the county court house and apply for my property tax discount as a disabled vet. I also get a sales tax credit from the state of Idaho when I file my taxes so even though it isn’t that much it does help out.  Dad just had a couple of guys join his coast guard auxiliary flotilla and one is a Ham radio operator.  He gave us a .pdf document that explains most of the basics of ham radios and adds some  more in depth knowledge of Ham radio operations. I added the book to my kindle and will get it read this week because the Ham test is coming up on the 19th and I want to score well on the test.

I would like my life to settle back into a “dull roar” rather than all of the craziness in the world we are seeing lately but I guess that it’s sort of an early test of how adaptable we can be overall.  Learning to deal with stress is definitely a skill that needs practice.



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