Beer going into the fermenting bucket the case lot sale and BBQ?

The wheat beer is in the fermenting bucket. It’s been awhile since I made beer so I am glad I had my little recipe book/beer journal to refer to during the process. I had kind of high temp reading on one of my pots so the alcohol content is a little on the low side for home brew.  The wheat beer is a summer beer and a little lower content isn’t such a bad thing as long as it tastes good.  I filled four of my 15 gallon water barrels with the run off from the wort chiller. Beer making is a very water intensive process and now I know why all the big breweries try to setup close to a river for their water supply.  I’ve been thinking how I can use that run off water from the wort chiller for the laundry and perhaps adding water to the rain barrels or lawn. I could also use my spare fridge to cool the wort without using water. This is something I will need to play around with so I don’t waste water, especially if I want to make beer for barter in a grid down situation.  I think that I could add an extra long hose to the wort chiller and fill the washing machine. I’d have to do laundry and beer making the same day but that would not be to difficult.

Stopped by Albertsons and bought 3 cases of the ramen noodles that come in the little Styrofoam cups for $9.00. I’m doing good on the veggies and pasta sauces and needed to pick up some quick and super easy stuff for meals. When my CIDP flares having some easy stuff to heat in the microwave or with just a bit of boiling water makes my life a lot easier. Most of my tests have been done eliminating one major item like water but keeping power on or keeping the water on but eliminating power.  But having both power and water off for a test at the same time is a bit daunting.

I bought a couple of packages of kielbasa sausage on sale. That will give me plenty of meats for the BBQ season.  While you can still get some good buys I’m starting to see consistently higher prices on pork along with beef though chicken is still pretty normal around a $1.25 per pound average.  Mom said Winco (local grocery warehouse store) has the 4 pound lard buckets at $4.98 each and that is a great buy! I’m going to have her pick up a couple of buckets for me, as lard is a great multi-tasker from making soap to cooking and making sure you get enough fats in your diet.  I’m not a big fan of the hydrogenated oils the FDA/USDA pushed so hard for years. I personally think a little of bit of good natural fats and sugars make you less prone to cravings and you don’t take in as many calories compared to using chemical or highly processed substitutes.  Yes I know there is a bit of dichotomy of buying the ramen noodles for a quick meal and then saying go natural but if you use these  foods as a once and while thing instead of  only eating “Processed” foods I think it is okay.  I’m not a dietician or a nutritionist and this is just my opinion.


5 Responses to Beer going into the fermenting bucket the case lot sale and BBQ?

  1. Marilyn says:

    Anyone have good info as to how long the 4# bucket of lard will keep. I’m thinking about getting one but it could take me years to use it.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn My lard has lasted at least 2 years with nothing I can detect going wrong/rancid. I think I’m on the cutting edge of seeing how long oils will store. I buy the Manteca Lard bucket and I can’t find any sort of use/best by date on the package.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Thanks, it’s been a lot of years since I used lard. Makes my arteries clog just to think about using it again! 🙂 however, I’m feeling the need to store a bit.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn: You might check out some of the nutrition sites. It seems that Lard and butter are doing what coffee and salt have been doing for going back and for between good for you and bad.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn: Kellene at preprednesspro. com is doing some posts on canning lard as well as storing other oils. You might want to check out her website as her research as well as doing the actual work seem solid to me. I do my research as getting waylaid by bad food or water seems contra-indicated in a survival situation. But everything is based on my situation and many people may not have a basement that stays at 55 degrees F. Storage temps are darn critical for how long your storage can last.

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