Changing some plans and doing some thinking about world events

Been thinking about the green house and based on where I want to place it,  I will go with the smaller and cheaper walk in green house at Big Lots. The green house will be protected on two sides by house walls and I think for the winter I could tack up some clear plastic sheeting that would add a layer of protection plus an insulating layer of air that could help make the growing season longer into Fall.  I have some large sheets of light weight canvas that I could add to the shelves during the summer and use the green house as a big solar dehydrator when not growing plants.  I have been looking at straw bale gardening to add a some more plants around the house. I have a couple of old straw bales just sitting around and I think I may have a spot that would work well for a few plants that are climbers. The spot is on the sunny side of the house and has it’s own gutter and downspout that could be directed to keep the bales watered.

Saturday will be a busy day for getting the cool weather crops in the ground.  Plus finishing up the soil for the potato buckets. Tonight I cut the seed potatoes up and I’m letting them dry out overnight. I think it was Sci-fi Chick that recommended doing that to your seed potatoes prior to planting.  Having the potatoes in the party buckets will make them easy to move around if the area around my raised beds get to hot or to much sun.  I’ll be moving the berry buckets out to the front yard. I think one of Strawberry buckets might be a bust but I want to give it a little more time and hope it will come back. These are the berries Mom and I dug up last fall for free so if  3 out of 4 of berries survive it will have been worth the work.  Irrigation water will start flowing next week and temps are supposed to get in to the 70’s so it looks like spring has sprung here.

I got the filtered water in the stock pots to brew up a batch of Amber ale. I want to get several cases of beer done up for this summer plus if I have water problems of any sort,  I want to be ahead of the game.  Beer making for barter is going to be a lot of hard work.  I refilled all of the barrels I used for my water test but I have a few camp jugs and a couple more empty 15 gallon barrels sitting in the shop that need filled up. I think of the 15 gallon barrels as the water I will hand out to the ones I can trust to use water wisely. The filled Soda bottles will go to those that will have to learn to ration and I don’t really trust not to use all the water in a day.

Two big things in the news have been the earthquakes hitting the ring of fire and Russia and neither of them are very good.  Idaho has been hit with a 7+ quake that I went through back in the 80’s. Now most of SW Idaho is fairly safe but the fault lines basically surround us here.  While I’m not too concerned about a big one hitting this area it is possible that we could be isolated because of quakes taking out bridges, dams or overpasses on the main highways and interstates. This area could be isolated very easily and while we are an agricultural state we have no petroleum products or refineries and most of power is generated by dams. Without Rail or road transportation things would not be good here.  If you have taken steps to be ready for any purely local disaster you might want to look at the infrastructure of your local area and what must come in from outside. The Snowstorms back east affected deliveries to the west via Amazon because the roads shut down and propane deliveries got slowed and the costs jumped!

Russia is stating they will go off the Petro-dollar and this is very bad news for the US economy.  If countries can buy oil without using the dollar it will lose it’s reserve currency status and there won’t be a reason to hold dollars or US Treasuries for most countries.  I think the USA has been very foolish to try and push around Russia and China with them holding so much US debt and we managed to piss off the Saudis by not supporting Mubarak in Egypt or getting rid of Assad in  Syria for the Saudis new pipeline. This could end up badly as a currency war or even a real war.  It is something to watch closely though my advise stays the same as far as prepping.  Get real hard goods on hand, get out of debt and be as self-reliant as possible. Oh! you might check out your local True Value Hardware store. They have a 5 gallon gas can on sale for the month of April for $9.99.



2 Responses to Changing some plans and doing some thinking about world events

  1. Spud says:

    Without fuel and electricity, I daho will indeed become a very harsh mistress.
    The first white people to come there all , repeat all ! STARVED to death ! These were not your average examples of todays citizens either ! They were tough , very hardy men…
    It was not until they learned to live as the Indians did and adapted.
    Thankfully they did, else I would not be here today. My Great grandfather was one of the first white children born in Idaho, before it even became a state. Much tradition and woodcraft was passed down thru the family, and I am truley blessed to have been a reciever of those lost arts.
    Even tho …. I decided that the south was more survivable.
    It can be done without the grid in Idaho ( Buckskin Billy proved this his entire life ! ) Just ain’t agonna be easy….

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I think just about everywhere will have at least one thing that will make it tough to survive. That’s why I have been doing more thinking about about disasters farther out from my location.

      It might end up being a plus if you can survive the harsh conditions that many people can’t. You will end up with a lot less competition and 2 legged predators.

      Idaho is moving back to the cold winters and hot summers and many of the transplants can’t handle the change. The 2000s were pretty mild compared to when I was growing up her back in the 70’s/80’s.

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