Arrrgh! Yes, the water main is leaking!

It just sort of figures.  I get started on my beer making again and topping off my water barrels and the water main is still  bad!  Dad came over and shut off the main at the alley and called the guys that did the work. The plumbers should be here Monday to fix this mess.

I recommend testing out your water preps but this is getting ridiculous. I’m becoming much more proficient at this no tap water thing than I really prefer in such a short time.  I hope that this will only take a day to fix and I won’t have to get out all of the water equipment for this event.  I’m not using any hot water and leaning the power applied, in hopes that I won’t have to start moving all the water by hand right away.  Of course I have a load of laundry just beginning the wash cycle and if water isn’t restored I’ll have to finish filling the rinse water by hand.  As of now the clothes are just getting an extra long soak.  I have built up all my clothing so I can go about 2 weeks without the laundry so not a big deal,  more of an inconvenience than anything else.  Storing extra undies and socks is paying off big time.

I filled my two big stock pots for beer making today but that is a bit of a bust. Instead of heating the water by hand  I can use the remaining water in the hot water tank for cleaning up Monday morning.  If the water main isn’t fixed I can start my water plan again. It is cool enough overnight that firing up the wood stove won’t over heat the house, though I was hoping to us the wood stove for just a little short burst of heat and save some of the wood pile for next winter. Just have to see how much water work gets done and adapt. I’ll be using the portable shower instead of doing a bath if this little outage last more than a day or two.  Moving and heating water for a bath is just too much work when you can stay clean with a quick shower or spit bath.  Heck I was planning  to start using a shower in the AM anyway to save on water use.

Not all bad news, I checked out the local animal shelter and they have some dogs that might work out great and not be to expensive to get if they work out personality wise.  Medium size dogs, one is a black and white chow cross and they have three Akita/Shepard crosses that are all about a one year old.  I’ll check them out this week and see if they might work out.  I’m going to buy the “cheap” green house as growing my own food is very important to me and set up one of the rain barrels for the green house plants.  I hope to minimize the water bill cost but I will use my emergency funds if  I need to got my time-sensitive projects done this month.

2014 looks to be a screwed up year for me. I’ll just roll with the punches as I am confident in my preps and if money gets a little tight?  I  have played that game in the past, except this time I’m ready for it!



5 Responses to Arrrgh! Yes, the water main is leaking!

  1. I hope the guys who fixed your system will do the repairs and not charge you. You should’t have to pay them to fix something they just repaired.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry it was the old sprinkler line the plumber cut and the city is getting the irrigation water running again this week. The line is capped and the trench is drying out a little bit before refilling the dirt. Not sure what it will do to the water bill yet.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I will not comment on your blog because of the blogger two words crap. I totally understand why you are doing it but I want you to know I’m not ignoring you. I wish we did not have spam bots that make folks do these sort of things.

  2. I have read several blogs where the people are trying to cut down on possessions and clutter. One woman only has two wash cloths, two towels, two pair of panties and so on. Another only has three changes of clothing for her children, husband and herself. I am with you on having two weeks of clothing so clothes washing is not an emergency or a pressing issue.

    Hopefully, your water will be fixed AGAIN soon.

  3. Jamie says:

    Practical, I can kind of understand downsizing because it can save you money. I much prefer having a bin full of T-shirts, sweats/shorts, and lots of extra undies and socks. Nothing fancy but if I had to go a month without laundry I could and still have clean clothes to wear.

    One idea I have been working on is to have about 5 days worth of basics ready to go so I don’t have to stress out about not doing the laundry or if the pets have enough water. Things will be stressful enough without worrying about the mundane of everyday life. I think 3-5 days will give me some time to learn a new rhythm and priorities after any sort of long term disaster.

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