I have water again

Just the irrigation water line cut to some old/unused sprinklers. Every thing was fixed in a couple of hours so no big loss though  I’m not sure how it will effect my water bill yet,  but all water is fixed at this point. I have to call the city water dept.  because the shut off valve at the meter is failing and not shutting the water completely off.  As tempting as it might be of telling the water dept. to shut off the water and just use the trikle of water, it would not be right.  Plus it is darn important to be able to shut off water in an emergency or disaster. If I had my own septic tank and didn’t use the city sewage system I might think about that option but if I use the sewage system I should pay for it.

It has been interesting seeing how I react now to a lack of  tap water disaster.  I know it will involve more physical work and time  but I almost treat lack of  tap water like a power outage.  Familiarity can breed confidence and not just contempt.  I have about 3  no tap water tests altogether and there has been a huge difference in the way I treated the first test in 2012 to this last test this week.  I already had one of my 5 gallon camp jugs set up in the bathroom, 2 dish washing tubs ready for dishes in the sink along with my 1/2 gallon pitcher to move heated/sanitized water from my stockpots to a thermos or insulated jug. I now have two  1/2 gallon pitchers, one has a green top for “potable water” and one with a yellow top for rinse or slightly used “gray water”.   I have a 3 gallon square bucket to use to flush the toilet with any leftover bath/rinse water. The square bucket works better for scooping out the used bath water compared to a round bucket.  If the sewage system goes down the little square bucket with lid  goes into use dealing with poo from the potty buckets.

I have set up my little Zodi propane camp shower with a couple of feet of food grade water tubing from the “Beer Lady” that can bypass the propane heater and pump hot water from a bucket,  insulated jug or stock pot via the battery powered pump. The little pump has a lot of potential though it only moves water at a rate of 4 gallons per minute.  Adding a few rechargeable Lithium ion batteries via a solar panel is something to add to the shopping list.  I need to add a couple of those solar camp showers to my water prep list.  While some people claim to love cold showers, I ain’t one of them and having the ability to clean up daily is an important part of staying healthy. The water that the sun heats daily might have to go for keeping your food prep areas clean but getting a warm/ hot shower every 3-7 days will help out your morale and  keep you healthy. It takes less energy to heat your water to the boiling point if you start out at 100 degrees F. rather than the ambient temp. of around 65-75 degrees in your house.

I have a few things to get done on Tuesday doing a little shopping for the green house perhaps add a couple of tomato plants and to get growing in the green house. Planting the taters and cold weather crops in the raised beds. Dad has some scrounged redwood decking and is going to cut up a bunch of 4 foot lengths for additional raised beds for me. Dad is also going to give me back a Black & Decker battery powered circular saw I gave him when I was a little less than confident in my tool handling skills. Dad seldom does jobs where he doesn’t have electric power available so I get the battery powered saw back.  I can’t convince him that the world is changing but I will have several battery/electric  powered saws I can share to get work done, so it’s all good.

I have to stop by the county court house to drop off the tax exemption paper work.  Tax paperwork is ready for the mail and I will stop by the animal shelter to check on a couple of potential new dogs for Casa de Chaos.  One that looks good is a chow border collie mix. Black and white just like my little peke Diana and I think might work as a slightly more intimidating guard dog than Diana.  A larger dog and the border collie part of his make up needs a job but I can get a little backpack type harness for him to carry some of the pet supplies for the other pets. Chows tend to be very protective of  territory and their humans and border collies of the critters in the herd so I think this might be a good fit. There is also a smaller German Sheppard/Akita mix that might be okay.

Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)  I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a little stressed. While I’m doing my best to prepare it can get a bit overwhelming at times.  What I get from this passage is though I do the work and I might die a bit earlier than I had planned. God has got this and while I’m not sure about the heaven/ new life on earth thingy I know God is in charge.

Matthew 5: 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 

We are not all that special as believers God want’s to save all he can. The parable of the prodigal son shows the mind of God.  But bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  God to me works in a macro and micro scale at the same time. I may die at anytime but God has got that covered and it’s supposed to be okay. God made the universe and sent certain things in motion to play out and all I need to do is play my part and use the life I was given freely to do what I need to do.  Guess what if you love God or are a Satanist or some other belief system when the rain falls we all get damp.


2 Responses to I have water again

  1. Philip Paul says:

    Something you might look into for off grid hot water, go to Youtube and search for “Copper Coil Hot Water”.

    Here is a small version for an example, most of them use copper coils wrapped around a wood stove pipe.

    • Jamie says:

      Philip P. : Heating water on the wood stove is super easy. I can heat up 10 gallons store it in the big igloo insulated jugs and start more if I need more hot water. It’s the weight of moving the water that wears me down physically. I have been looking at those spray tanks you see farmers use on ATVs for spray the weeds on the ditch banks or the edges of the fields might be a fix.

      It cost about $90.00 for the tank and the water pump that is set up for 12 volts and ready to hookup to a battery. I could set the tank in my little garden cart, charge a battery via solar panel and I could have water under pressure for watering the garden or even in the house for cleaning up.

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