Back to work and hoping for no more Chaos

I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I was very worried about Smokey the cat. But she seems to be eating and drinking along with moving like herself today. Smokey didn’t lose any hair and it looks like I got the oil off quick enough that it didn’t damage her skin.   Things could be a lot worse and everybody survived this week more or less intact. Lately I feel like I’m the ball in the ping pong match and I’d really like this game to end.

Got started on the cleanup of the house with a little luck and no more water outages  I have a good shot at cleaning the bathtub. Got the floors vacumed, Saturday I’ll lay down a little DE on the carpet,  go putter in the garden and then vacume it up. I ‘ll get the pets outside and my mask on before sprinkling the DE.  I’m not taking any chances wth my pets.

Bought two more packages of bacon ends and pieces along with three pounds of butter. Any foods animal related are going higher and I have seen both pork and beef go up quite a lot in the last couple of weeks. Got to look at getting some pork bellies from Cash and Carry and try  making my own bacon. Found a new butcher shop in Caldwell and they are full sevice with sausage making and the prices are competitive for a full service butcher. The butcher seems to know his stuff and said there will be no Dungeness crabs from the Washington/Oregon coast as the season was canceled. What info he is getting is this is part of a normal 10 year cycle and not related to Fukishima. The butcher hadn’t heard anything about the Alaskan season yet.

Finally got the wheat beer bottled and it’s just about 3% alcohol. I got a higher reading on the Amber ale I’m brewing today.  The brewing went smoothly and I managed to keep the kitchen clean as well as getting all the dishes done. While I am a little tired it felt good to get back to brewing and getting the normal clean up done.  Getting my routine started again should help things feel a little more normal. I’d like to get an English porter going this weekend but the green house and garden beds are the priority on Saturday.

Stopped by Big Lots hoping they had some of Progresso meal starters I have wanted to test but no luck. I did find a dried cheese ravioli made with the basic ingrediants, real ricotta cheese and not a lot of chemicals. $2.00 per one pound package so it is a little on the high side compared to basic pasta and it was little on the bland side though adding a few dried herb during cooking should punch up the flavor a lot.  I’m going to stockup on a few of these bags as something a little different and still easy to cook.  I picked up one more of the folding tomato “trellis” and I think I could use these to support either plastic to make a modified green house or some of my light weight canvas tarps to protect from the heat.

The garden and cool weather plants have to get in the ground this weekend. Mama nature isn’t very impressed that I’m tired or have had a few water issues this month. It’s get those plants in the ground or pay the price.


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