Over twenty four hours and no disasters!

I did get quite a few things done yesterday to include cleaning the bathroom Huzzah!   I’m a little sore but I did get a good night’s sleep as everyone here seemed okay.  Smokey’s collar had a bit of that oil leftover on it so she’s going nekid until I get the collar clean.  My aunt stopped by to pickup the used beer grains for her goats.  The beer grains are a great source of protein for the goats and we think we can store the grains a bit longer by letting them drain in some of the large burlap bags I have and then seal the grains in 2 gallon zip lock bags that have most of the air removed.  My aunt is such a sweet person and doesn’t want me to go to a lot of trouble but I am happy to do some work in order to use those grains as feed.  The goats should eat the feed fast enough that it shouldn’t need to be stored for a long time and develop any mold and that should stretch the regular feed out.

Speaking of my aunt’s goats she had something similar happen to her like I had with Smokey the cat but she used a Prymethrin based flea killer. She got the goats washed down to get that stuff off of them and they are okay now but it really shook her. I gave her one of the small 9 oz. bottles of dawn dish soap to keep out where the animals are kept and told her about the great price of Dawn at the Family Dollar stores for refills. My aunt didn’t want to take the soap but heck it was only a dollar and if it can save an animal’s life it is well worth it. Plus she is always giving us free plants, soap and all kinds of goodies! My aunt tells me that benedryl also works on goats that have an allergic reaction.

Told a couple of neighbors about not using the flea gel on pets as well as all the good stuff DE could do against insects. Oh and one of my neighbors is starting a great paying job but will be working lots of hours so she gave me 2 little strawberry plants as she won’t have much time for gardening this summer. I’m getting a few of the buckets ready for the potatoes but being sore I’m taking it easy today. I tested out using the Burlap for covering the opening of my rain barrels and it seems it will work as a screen to protect against mosquitoes and gunk going into the barrels.  One thing I really try to avoid is any stagnant water around the house that can turn into a insect breeding ground.  Like many things prevention is easier than the cure.

Cash & Carry is now has Coconut oil in a 5-6 gallon metal bucket for about $32.00.  Coconut oil does not go rancid very quickly, is shelf stable and is used in everything from cooking, lamps to soap making and personal care products like lotions or a carrier for essential oils.  I figure one of those buckets c0ntains about 35 pounds of oil/fat for food storage if you are using the pound method to measure you food storage. That would cover a family of four fat/oil needs at least 6 months for cooking for less than $35.00 that has to be one of the best buys I have seen and the oil is also a great multi-tasker.

I am doing okay on most of the 2014 goals though paying down debt got a bit more difficult with the water main. Another month and Les Schwab will be paid off and if there are no more disasters I should be able to get ahead on the bills again though it helped a lot getting me through April. If we get through April and early May without the PTBs doing something incredibly dumb like starting a war or crashing the market, we should be fairly safe until September historically speaking.


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  1. A nekid Smokey? I didn’t know you were running a brothel.

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