Irrigation water works Huzzah! Taters are planted

Been a bit breezy here at Casa de Chaos, looks like some high clouds are moving in which will screw up watching the lunar eclipse tonight. Had to fire up the wood stove this morning as it was a brisk 36 degrees F. outside and about 64degrees inside. I need to move another load of wood to the porch just in case it gets cold again. I have seen in snow as late as the middle of May here in SW Idaho so I need to stop being lazy and get that done. One thing nice about the “mill ends” is a quick, hot fire that is just perfect for taking the chill off in the morning. The navy beans and ham hock turn out to be just perfect for a very “Blustery Day” though I did not get Sci-fi’s bread rolls done the Artisan bread worked just fine. I have some leftovers so I’ll try out Sci’s bread rolls Tuesday.

I have irrigation water! I was starting to get a little punchy with all the water issues and almost afraid to see if the irrigation water would work. I’m not very pleased with the plumber’s attention to detail as my backyard gate is badly out of alignment and nowhere close to being level. It was nice to be able to just run a hose and water the tater buckets after planting. Note to self, label the taters prior to drying as a all dried potatoes look a lot alike. Haven’t setup the green house yet, with all this wind I’m afraid it will act like a sail and while I doubt I’d get lifted off the ground the green house could head for the next county. I used some of the excess dirt from the water main diggings and tossed the dirt into a rolling garbage can and it all looks pretty good and not compacted. I need to get out the rototiller and breakup the soil to start building it up naturally. I got the big Strawberry buckets outside and while one of the bucket’s strawberries are looking very sad the 2 little strawberry plants I got from the neighbor look great and I can transplant them into the bucket. Mom has another raspberry or blackberry plant to give away and I can take it as I’m sure I have a bucket and enough good soil to give it a shot at survival. Not sure if the berries will produce this year but they should do great next year!

Smokey has a new collar and is no longer running around nekid. I can still smell the flea oil on her old collar and don’t want to take the chance of some sort of residual poison from the old collar. I’ll try a little alcohol and another soak in Dawn dish soap and see if it will come clean. I told the people where I bought the flea oil about it being poison and now it is up to them. Been watching the local shelter and they have some really great dogs coming in lately. Saw the pic of a black German Shepard mix female and some nice looking pit/terrier cross puppies that might be a good fit. I wouldn’t mind a pit pup or one that I know is good with other dogs and cats. Sorry to say to many of the stray pits are taught aggression or have not been taught any “social skills” . If I raised them I think they would be fine and some of the sweetest dogs I have met are pits. The local shelter has a couple of specials coming up this month so I think I could get a good bargain or perhaps even a “free dog” depending on what’s available and a good fit.


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  1. Winter isn’t gonna go away before she has to this year. I am betting we may see frost nights up until May this year.

    I don’t mind except for the stuff I can’t protect like my fruit trees.

  2. Snake Plisken says:

    Hi Jamie, glad to hear Smokey is OK.

    Just a quick comment on Pits. I’ve had the honor of owning 2 pitbulls. My first dog ( Fred ) was given to me when his owner’s girlfriend moved in and her Rotty did not get along. So the guy got rid of the dog and kept the GF!:) Fred was very aggressive towards other animals and I had to be on guard at all times. Still, I had him for 12 years before cancer took him away. I told myself I would never have another Pit. Well, never say never, right? My ex girlfriend saw Patches about 3.5 years ago when she was just an itty bitty little pup. You could fit her in a coffee cup and she had worms that were swelling her belly. I bought the dog for the GF with the caveat that we introduce her at an early age to other animals. Also, we needed to play with her ears and feet ( gently ) to get her used to little kids and adults who want to play or pet her. The ex is very good with dogs so when she moved a couple of miles down the road she gave me a well trained/behaved dog that gets along with other dogs although I know she would get territorial with another female dog in the house. Patches is an excellent guard dog and keeps the riff raff away from my door. The people she knows get a big greeting of happy joy joy at the door.

    Snake Plisken

    • Jamie says:

      I think the black pit pup would work if it stays in the shelter till the free black dog day. My Peke Diana is black and white and I think she would sort of adopt the pup and help me with the socialization/training

  3. Did you watch the eclipse? It was worth it.

    • Jamie says:

      Had just enough high clouds that the sky got very hazy. The moon went dark but that was about it here in the valley.

  4. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie, Mary and I were up for the eclipse this morning and it was pretty neat! The sky was clear of clouds in our area so viewing was easy and as ‘rat said, worth it.

    We’ve never grown strawberries but we both love them. I know nothing about growing them however I may give it a try. There are a couple of “truck farms” in the area that grows them commercially and there is always a plentiful supply at the local farmer’s markets so we never felt the need to raise our own. We have a huge amount of blackberry plants on the ranch that do very well along with pear, apple and peach trees. We still have pear and apple preserves and apple butter that Mary canned last year as we had a bumper crop of those!

    They are a welcome and important addition to our prepping supplies and diet.

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