Making some rolls and some good deals shopping

I  made Sci-fi Chick’s  30 minute bread  rolls and took closer to 45 minutes total but still very fast for yeast dinner type rolls. I made a mistake and added the egg to the liquid instead of the flour/dry ingredients.  I used the bread hook about 3 minutes to knead the bread and the rolls seem to get a good rise in the 10 minute rest time prior to baking. It took 15 minutes at 400 degrees F. to get golden brown in my oven and the rolls filed the 9×13 inch pan and look great.  I can see having these rolls for meals and sandwiches/ buns in a grid down situation and while there are a few more ingredients compared to the 5 minute artisan bread the eggs is about the shortest and even those can be stored for 6 plus months if coated with mineral oil or gathered daily if you have chickens.  The taste is your normal white bread taste and a very soft texture. I have become used to the very chewy texture of the 5 minute artisan bread so this might be a good recipe for those that want a softer white bread.  This recipe could work well as a frozen bread rolls if you froze the pan of rolls after the last ten minute rest, I bet you could wrap them up and thaw and bake them. Of course the rolls are so fast and easy to make that freezing might be a waste of time and freezer space.  I’m seeing a lot of stories on the financial pages that wheat/flour prices “futures” are going up this summer. What with the drought in the Midwest and the unrest in the Ukraine could see bread prices  go up quite a bit. Baking your own bread will save a lot of money right away as I figure with the cost of energy and the ingredients a one pound loaf of bread costs about 30 cents to make.

On to the shopping list for tomorrow.  Albertson’s is once again having a great meat sale starting on the 16th.  Prime Rib is $5.99 a pound which is one of the cheapest per pound costs I have seen this year.  I want to pick up three, 3-4 pound roasts for special/holiday meals and I think this will be my last chance to get a semi-reasonable price be fore beef prices get really ugly.  Been thinking about picking up a ham at 99 cents a pound on sale for Easter and freezing it considering how pork prices are starting to go up because of the “porcine virus” and add a few pork chops at $1.99 a pound. Land O’ Lakes butter is $1.88 per pound with a coupon and limit of two pounds. I can grab a couple of extra coupons and Albertson’s is only six blocks away so I can stop by several times this week.  Thank goodness I started buying meats on sale earlier this year and got the freezer is very well stocked.  A lot of people are starting to see the food inflation and are shocked about how much food costs have gone up. This is only the beginning and I think we are actually seeing the last of the semi-cheap stuff going on sale before the massive increase in price or downsizing of packages again. I work hard at shopping and saving money on food but I would not be surprised if the USA starts spending 20-25% of the monthly budget on food. While that is low compared to the rest of the world it’s very high in the USA and nearly double the average percentage of just a few years ago.  True Value Hardware store has a five gallon gas can for only $9.99 on sale till the 29th of April. This is a great buy most of the time these cans are around $20.00 and having fuel that is stored safely for the car, generator or tools should be one of your highest priorities. Just because spring is staring to show doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about fuel supplies. Anyone that goes through a heat wave with out power for fans/air conditioning will tell you to much can kill you and at the very least make you miserable.

Got a few items that I want to get at Cash & Carry. One is the 5-6 gallon bucket of coconut oil primarily for soap making but it is a good multi-tasker oil for $31.73. That is about 35-40 pounds of oil for you preppers 🙂  I’d like to get a dog at the pound this month as Casa de Chaos is missing the dog pack and for a bit more security as things are starting to get a bit more “exciting”.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Could you share that recipe please?

  2. Jamie says:

    Marilyn on my Recipes page

  3. Marilyn says:

    Thanks! I couldn’t find it earlier but now my eyes are opened!!!

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