Bit of a stomach bug and missed the Ham test but Mom passed!

Sorry to say I seemed have given Mom my bug. I thought the upset stomach was stress related and not contagious. Any way I  missed the Ham test this month.  Practiced sewing up some small holes on a pair of sweat pants and some undies. No fancy stitches just trying to make a descent looking repair and I seem to be getting a little better each time I practice.  I stocked up on clothing, mostly sweat pants, shorts, T-shirts socks and undies. So I could either throw the the “holey” clothes away or try out my sewing skills and make them last a bit longer with a bit of work.  Like everything else, clothing will last longer if you repair it when the holes just begin.  “A stitch in time, will save nine” ain’t just a cliche but real life. Also it seems to me that washing and drying will cause holes to expand so if you can repair the hole before tossing the clothes in the wash.  I look at these minor repairs as skill building and practice. It seems if the repair on clothing looks good it actually last longer than a bad looking repair.

I’m starting to feel a bit better,  though I stayed home and mostly puttered around the house Easter weekend. The Amber Ale got bottled and looks pretty good. Got a few days worth of wood standing by as the weather in SW Idaho can be mid 70’s and perfect and the next day the temp drops like a rock and it’s damp and breezy. I will add a load of the apple wood to the May 1st shopping list. Hopefully with the big  water bill paid off to the city the water costs will return to normal and I can start stacking wood a couple of loads per month for next winter.  The wood stove saved me a lot of money this last winter and made going without tap water a lot easier when the water main busted. Including the cost of wood it looks like the stove will payback in just under five years if electricity prices stay the same and I figure Idaho electricity costs will go up! I finally found out what the “Annual Adjustment”  payment I get on my monthly bill means. I used a lot less electricity this winter so Idaho Power decides I need to pay more because I am energy efficient and need to offset the lack of revenue that Idaho power is not getting from me.  This is an arbitrary and capricious fee as I see it. I so want to go completely off the electric grid because of these “shenanigans” utilities play.  It is crazy that as a person conserves or becomes more energy efficient and the first thing that happens is you get to pay more for using less!

I’m still here and kicking. I should be able to finish up the 55 gallon long term food barrels in May and have a couple of new ideas for water and energy that I will have to try out. Going to be an interesting and busy summer here at Casa de Chaos.



6 Responses to Bit of a stomach bug and missed the Ham test but Mom passed!

  1. Well, as someone once emphasized to me, life isn’t fair. 😉

    I still think what the power company is doing to you there is “unjust.”
    Nonsensical, too, since it takes away peoples motivation to consume less.

    Sorry about the sickness getting you and your mom. It’s been going around back here, too.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, What bothers me the most is the fee is not just “unfair” but I have no control over it. I have to say it is providing me with a lot of motivation to get fully independent of the Electric grid.

      I think I’m having a full-blown CIDP flare and the the flu bug is a part of it. I have to say the timing sucks but I’m not to surprised as physical and mental stress can bring on a flare and so far 2014 has been a bit more challenging than I had planned.

  2. riverrider says:

    it looks like its going to be an interesting summer everywhere this year. take care.

    • Jamie says:

      riverrider, Thanks I’m trying but life goes on and stuff still needs doing. If no bad luck happens for a bit I think I can get back on track quickly.
      I saw the ATV 15 gallon/12 volt DC Sprayer tank going for about $90.00 at the local farm store. Has a set of jumper cable type connectors for the battery. I want to get one of these tanks and an extra garden wagon to move it around because I think it will work great for the cooling misters and water the garden if power goes down long term.

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