Four new plants and next time I need to read the coupon. Bacon!

Trying out a few new plants for the garden with the set of pony paks.  I added some onions, as last year the onions I planted did not grow very well. I think the onions needed to be in the big bed that gets a lot of sun. I added some small watermelons plants as the seeds I tried last year were a bit of a bust. I think a small watermelon will be just perfect size  for me and for sharing with Mom and Dad. This is the first year I’m trying celery in the garden. D & B farm store is pretty good about selling plants that can do well in this area and it’s the first year that I know of them offering celery.  With price of these pony packs if I can get a couple of pounds of veggies per plant they will pay for themselves compared to grocery store prices. Plus I know how the plants were grown.

Stopped by Albertsons to get some of the bacon I like so well. I could only afford a couple of pounds of it but it makes a nice treat. I ended picking up one of the fiora paper towel 8 pack along with the 12 pack of toilet paper. The coupon required you to buy 2 packages to get the $2.99 price each. Still a good bargain but I prefer being on top of these little details.  Reading the fine print is getting more and more important so you don’t get blindsided.

I tried out some stir fry using the canned Chinese vegetables I got at Big Lots. It turned out okay if not quite as good as using fresh veggies. Much better than the using the La Choy type canned mix of veggies. I could see adding a few cans for some veggie variety in the pantry if you can’t get fresh vegetables.  Since the Chinese grocery came to Nampa there has been a veritable explosion of not only Chinese but all kinds of Asian foods becoming common in the grocery stores.  This is great for me between the Latin and Asian influences locally it gives me a lot more options for meals and to fight food boredom using many of the same ingredients but different spices.

I got the Burlap bags cut up and using them as a screen over the opening of the rain barrels seems to be working out.  We are having some rain so I will be able to judge just how well the burlap holds up.  One of the things you need to control with your rain barrels is not giving mosquitoes a place to breed.  I’m going to do more planning on the space for the cistern/rain collection system for the shop. While I can’t afford to buy the cistern or even much of the PVC pipe I can start on some of layout and foundation work of where I want the tank to go and how I want it to work.  A 550 gallon cistern is going to weight over 2 tons so it needs a strong foundation to carry the weight.  Of course that is so true of many of the things I do here at Casa de Chaos. Now I think I’m getting a bit better at starting from the ground up rather than the other way around.

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