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If you are interested in adding radio communications to your list of preps these refernce materials might help.


2010_Tech_Study_Guide    Practice test

I have the Baofeng 5 series and 888 and I would recommend the 5 series for the for the freqs it covers compared to the 888 series.  It’s not hard to program the 5 series by hand it is a bit tedious especially if you are programming several radios. The 888 only covers the MURS and GRMS freqs and you must have the USB programing cable to change freqs.  The chirp software also programs many radios besides the Baofeng.

If you go over the tech study guide and the the new Ham book a few pages per day. I’d say within 4 weeks you would be able to pass the test with no problems. Even if you are a complete newbie to radios.  If you decide you don’t want a Ham tech lic. there are plenty of other options via CB or GRMS that don’t require a Lic. to operate.

Mom passed the test and she is actually does good on most tests but usually is in a full stage panic because she lacks some confidence test taking. But the guys from the ham radio club must have thought she did pretty well as they encouraged her to get the much more difficult General Lic. I’m sure if she had just barely passed they would have gave her a nice pat on the back and said “good job”.  I’m guessing she did very well on the test though the proctors did not give her an actual score beyond the PASS/FAIL type.

Mom is not quite as cocky as I am with knowledge. I don’t fear tests as I figure either I know my stuff or I don’t, and need to work harder to pass. It’s just how my personality works and with a bit of reinforcement from the Army.  I’m not a big believer in “false modesty” and I don’t belive there is anything wrong in being confident in your knowledge/skills. The hardest thing to learn is to listen to others and not get to arrogant and think you know it all.


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