Cool and breezy but I got the weed wacking done

It’s supposed to get down to freezing tonight and then start warming up into the 80’s by Friday. I have a lot of plans to get things done once it warms a bit. I figure if I get half of them done I will be doing well. At least it was dry today and I was able to get the trimmer out to knock down a few weeds.  Thinking about getting a new trimmer that is cordless. Black & Decker is phasing out its 18 volt line of tools and they are a real bargain right now. The tool’s battery power is not very long but usually the battery last about as long as I do and I have three charges and 4 batteries so if one battery runs down I can switch to a charged one.  My old corded Toro is getting a little long in the tooth and while it still works I’d like to add a backup.

I wasn’t able to fix the chuck on the old Makita drill I got at the thrift shop for $2.00. Not a big deal I figure I got my money’s worth out of it. I will stop by my favorite pawn shop and see what he has in stock.  The fellow that runs the shop knows his stuff and I haven’t had any problems with anything I have bought there. A little more expensive than the thrift shop but more peace of mind and you get what you pay for.  Had a bit of luck digging around in my shop and found all the stuff to charge a 16.8 volt cordless drill I bought in Germany. I bought a steup/stepdown transformer when I came home from Germany so I can charge the battery even though it is 220 volts AC rather than the USA’s 110 volts. This cordless drill will give me a bit more power to drive the deck screws into boards for the new raised beds.  I have been thinking about Kimberly’s skinny raised beds that are 2 1/2 feet wide compared to the 4×4 foot raise beds. I’ll just have to lay things out to get an idea how it looks and how well it might work.

I have quite a bit of cleanup and rearranging to do in the shop but once it is done it should be much easier to work as things will flow better and the solar setup can start to power things in the shop first and as I can afford to add more solar it should be easier to expand without a lot of extra retro fit work. I feel like I am behind the power curve on the garden and yard work as well as accomplishing a couple of goals for the year. Honestly I am a little behind because of the water main issue. In the Army it is said “No battle plan survives after contact with the enemy.” As a prepper and into self-reliance I could say no plan survives contact with reality or at least that demon “Murphy”.

2 Responses to Cool and breezy but I got the weed wacking done

  1. The Black and Decker 20v Lithium cordless is the best by far I have ever used.Comes with two batteries and they don’t get damaged near as bad when recharging. I have used the hell out of mine and it is still going strong.

    • Jamie says:

      pioneer, I’m still thinking over the which one to purchace. The 20 volt Lithium batteries would be better long term but are more expensive. Thankfully I’m not in a hurry and my tools are still working well. It might be better to wait till the end of summer sales for some of the yard equipment.

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