Huzzah front yawn mowed and playing in the yard

I can’t tell you how nice it was to get the electric mower out for the first time this year, push a button and get mowing.  No gas, oil, playing with the spark plugs, priming the carburetor and the electric mower is so quiet compared to a gas mower.  I do miss the “quiet hours”  when I was in Germany though I don’t like that a law is needed to enforce people to show a little courtesy.  One thing I like about my neighbor hood is most of the people are “good” people and are usually polite. One neighbor just had their house painted and I liked the yellow and dark green I’m not sure I like the avocado. But it’s not my house and if they like the colors great! I much prefer some interesting colors on homes rather than the “cookie cutter” house in most developments/suburbs. My neighborhood seems a lot more alive and real compared to the suburbs or the places controlled by HOAs.

I tried out the little B & D battery powered chainsaw on some small volunteer trees and my holly bushes. I think I got it set so the chain does not come off after a couple of cuts. Talk to a neighbor that is tall about trimming a few tree branches I can’t reach. He will be by Sunday or Monday.  It’s going to be a busy weekend as Mom and I want to can some chicken and watch soap and candle making  Youtubes on the big TV using the Roku 3 on Saturday.  Speaking of chicken Mom wanted a some before Albertsons raised the price to $1.39 a pound on Wed.  I got an even better price of .79 cents per pound as the whole chicken were reduced for quick sale.  Once I get the chicken canned I can freeze some pork roasts on sale at Paul’s next week.

I’m getting things done in the yard as it has been a bit neglected. I am going to give the back yard a little attention on Wed. as it will be warm and dry. Get the raised bed sort of laid out and use the rototiller to start digging in and rotating/augmenting for the soil for the beds.  Thursday will be shopping and do a fuel run day.  I’m not going to plan anything for Friday as I suspect I may need a rest day but if I feel up to it I may just putter around doing odds & ends.

Been thinking about the wood for this winter and I think I’ll go with having some pine & red fir mix delivered rather than the “mill ends” stuff I got last year. Add a bit of the fruit wood I should have a good combo for a hot fast fire and something that burns longer and slower. It will cost a bit more but I won’t have to cut up the wood and that will save me on physical energy. I have about 2 cords of the mill ends still left over that I need to cut this summer so I will have a buffer to experiment with the wood needed for heating next winter. That will take care of most of the energy needs for next winter other than gasoline and there isn’t much more  I can do about storing gas long term.

Economically we are probably somewhat safe from a crash/collapse historically speaking till September. Not to say prices won’t go up but the PTBs and players of the markets “Sell in May and go away”.  War is a different matter and things don’t look great in that department. War has a tendency to make things go all higgly-piggly so keep working your plan.


3 Responses to Huzzah front yawn mowed and playing in the yard

  1. S. Lynn says:

    12 days without internet service in Wilder. Finally get to read your blog again. We planted 22 trees (hand dug holes, mixed compost, etc) on our 10 acres. Went to Paul’s market several times for supplies and D&B. We love D&B. The Nampa store is huge! So lucky to have a place in SW Idaho. Hope all is well with you.

    • Jamie says:

      S. Lynn, Welcome to the neighborhood! Sounds like you are settling in but if you need anything I can help with drop me a comment.

  2. S,Lynn says:

    8-). Thanks!

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