Got a great buy on pasta

I went to Cash & Carry to pick up the rice and saw a fantastic sale on pasta. While there were all types of pasta I got the orzo 10 pound box for $1.99.  I picked up 2 boxes for myself and got Mom a box, heck you can’t buy the flour needed to make pasta at that price. Some people don’t recommend storing pasta but I’m not one of them.  I like how with sauce, veggies  or leftovers you can make up a quick and easy meal in just one pot if you have too.  I think that many people tend to under estimate how much physical energy is required to just maintain a somewhat normal daily routine in the event of disaster, I know I did before my water tests.  So having simple and easy to make meals should be a part of your food storage plan.  Plus that 10 pounds of pasta will make about 50 servings, not to bad a return for spending $2.00.

Swung by Paul’s grocery store and picked up another 12 pack of “fiora” toilet paper $2.98 with coupon, A couple of the pork roast for a $1.68 per pound and some Popsicle for a treat.  I think the Popsicle are becoming an addiction if a cheap one. I’m trying to warn everyone I know to stock up on food before this summer as I think the prices are going to go a lot higher. I’m focusing on the saving money aspect rather than an economic collapse. I think I have been a bit to strident for some people but one person said they have an area perfect for stocking up and I gave her a few more ideas and a bit more of the “how to prepare” information. So I tell 15 people to stock up and maybe 8 will buy a little extra of the food that is on sale and I help 1 person that wants to get truly prepared. Not a great ratio but much better than zero.

Stopped by the beer lady and got a big bag of barley for beer making.  Deb, the gal that owns Nampa Brewers is having a “Brew in a Bag” (BIAB) Demonstration on the 3rd of May. Deb is not sure if the person that was giving the demo will show up as he has a bit of a sinus infection. So I told Deb if Mom will move the canning chicken project to Sunday I would be her back up demonstrator for the BIAB project.  I have told Deb how I do brew in a bag and she really likes how simple my method is compared to some other methods. With my disability and lack of strength I have to make things as easy as possible and that should show that anyone can brew beer.  Of course now I have to write up a class and basic instructions.

Money is a bit tight this paycheck that means several of the tools I’d like to get go on sale this week. Overall money isn’t all that tight but the cash savings plan needed to have April funds replaced and get a start on the May savings plan. Saving cash is hard! It is all to easy to tell yourself you have to buy _______  now while it is on sale and put off saving cash.  One thing that has helped me stay focused on saving has been using the envelope method for each month.  By writing the total needed for each month on the envelope it seems like something I must pay into rather than just a suggestion.

I had a very good example of why having cash saving is important while I was in the pawn shop looking at some tools. A fellow came in (average joe, did not look like a druggie) and all he had was some Video game discs to sell or pawn and all he wanted was $15.00.  These games cost about $50.00 -$60.00 new and he won’t be able to sell or pawn them for even $15.00 and let’s face it $15.00 won’t feed a family of 4 at McDonald’s and is a very small amount of cash, yet this person was desperate for it.  Driving home all I could think of is this person did not have even “January’s” cash of the weekly savings plan and that is the cheapest month at $15.00!  When I got home I got April’s envelope caught up and added a few dollars to the May and June envelopes to get them started. I probably won’t be able to get all the stuff I want this paycheck but I manged to do without them so far I can afford to wait.


8 Responses to Got a great buy on pasta

  1. Marilyn says:

    Super price on pasta. When I get a deal like that I usually vacuum seal part of it. I store most of my pasta in my freezer. Learned that trick when we were stationed in Pearl Harbor and the weavil became a problem.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn, Since I use DE I haven’t had a problem with wevils or bugs in any of my dry food storage. My freezer storage space is pretty much maxed out with all the meat I have been buying. I’m not knocking freezing stuff if you have the space. I don’t have a lot of freezer space and DE works great for dry storage. I live in high desert so humidity is not much of a problem and my basement is just about the perfect temp for long term storage so that might make a difference.

    • Freezing pasta for 35 hours will kill all weevils and eggs. I put pasta in canning jars, put in the freezer, freeze 36 hours, take the pasta out, and it is ready to store. If you put it in the freezer in the plastic bag, there is too much humidity in the pasta. When it is stored for a long time, it will get moldy. Of course, you could put the pasta into a bag or plastic bucket and reuse the Ball jar immediately.

  2. SciFi Chick says:

    What a steal of a deal on the pasta! Folks need to be aware of the rising price of food. I read somewhere (can’t remember where now) that the cost of groceries will pretty close to double in the next couple of years. Add to that the extreme drought in California where 80% of our fruits and vegetables come from and you have a recipe for disaster this year.

    • Jamie says:

      Sci, Made a bit of a spectacle of myself having the clerk confirm the price and saying quite loudly that it was insanely low!

      One thing to leave the fields fallow due to lack of water but all those trees need water and if they don’t get it they die. I think it takes 5-10 years for trees to bear fruit so if the orchards die it’s going to be a few years before they come back.

  3. LeeAnn says:

    You make an excellent point on people buying too much whether its for daily expenses or for SHTF stuff and not having any cash on-hand. Savings is an important prep. Very important prep. Failure to have an emergency fund leads to debt which is never a good prep.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn: This is the first time I have stuck to a cash savings plan. Heck even paying down debt was easier for me compared to saving. It seems the envelope method works as I can see progress by breaking down the yearly plan into monthly chunks. The goal of “Save Money” is just to vague for me. But I’m pleased about how it is going so far.

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