I killed some strawberry plants but got some new ones planted

At least it was only the free plants I killed.  It seems I give the strawberries either to much attention or to little, but I hope I found a solution putting the party buckets of strawberries in the front yard by my roses. With the berries in a bucket I don’t think it will be a problem interacting with the roses. I placed the buckets close to some old rose bushes that really need to be dug up anyway, so I think it’s a good spot. I bought a six pack of berries  at D&B to replace the ones I killed and these berries are Idaho grown so we will see how they work out.

D & B had some of the ARP Rosemary available.  This is the only Rosemary I have had luck growing and the reason I bought it is I accidentally rototilled my ARP rosemary plant in my big garden bed last year.  This year I planted it in the front yard beds so it should be safe from the rototiller. I also add purple cabbage and some lettuce to the bed that is a start on my front yard’s edible landscape.  This is the first year I have noticed just how much space is available for growing plants.  A big plus is the soil in these beds is good so I can add more veggies and herbs easily after cleaning the beds.

I got the two small raised garden beds for the cold weather crops planted and yes I’m a little late but I think it will be okay. Cool weather will be coming back next week and these beds are a little shaded from the full sun. I am setting up some climbing trellises  that will support a lightweight canvas to cover the plants and protect them from the full heat of summer.  I laid out some of the decking for a new raised bed and one of them will be 4 ft. x 4 ft. but along the south side of the house I will take Kimberly’s advice but go with a few 2 ft. x 4 ft. beds. A bit smaller but they should work for the plants and give me plenty of room to work without stepping on the beds plus I will be able to mow around them easily. Gave a watermelon plant  and some onions to the neighbor and got some garlic in return.  I’m leaving the big 8 ft. x 8 ft. raised bed to be planted last and it has been a bit surprising to me that planting an edible garden in the front beds has freed so much space for planting stuff in the big raised bed.

I am on for teaching the Brew in the bag all grain beer class at Nampa Brewers. While this a promotion for Deb, I will be loading up most of my brewing setup and my double burner propane stove though Deb is providing the propane as well as the brewing ingredients.  I doubt many brewers will be interested in paying new prices for slightly used bags and I’d hate for Deb to mark down a wort chiller used only one time.  I love to teach so I hope we get at least a couple of people to show up.  If not it will be a practice session for me brewing beer over my propane burners.

Overall a productive week and lots of stuff done if not everything I wanted or how I planned it out.  Being flexible is one of the most important skills to learn as life will seldom work out as you have planned.  You have not lost time or energy, you just need to shift your goals a bit. Sometimes a little extra work can pay big dividends down the road.



2 Responses to I killed some strawberry plants but got some new ones planted

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m also thinking about converting my front bed to edibles. Last year I found out that hosta leaves (young tender leaves) were edible. I guess it’s big in Asia. I tried mine last year but it was mid summer and not tasty. So, I’m going to try them again once they start popping up through the ground (still too early). Maybe then I will discover I have edibles in my front bed after all!

    • Jamie says:

      Kimberly, You got to love free food.
      My tranplanted lavender plants are looking good so I don’t kill every free plant just a few types.

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