Made Beer and canned chicken this weekend

The Brew in A Bag demo went pretty good though we didn’t get a lot of people at the beer shop. It was a beautiful day and I think people were out and enjoying it.  I got to use the the big double burner propane stove for the first time and I’m very pleased how it worked out.  Doing the canning and beer making outside on the patio this summer will be  great for keeping the house cool. For giving the demo of BIAB for Deb she offered a free cheese class May 10th making mozzarella for both Mom and myself.  Deb gave me the grains from the beer making and the whey from her cheese making class to give to my Aunt for her critters.  All the leftovers get used and barter for a free class so it it was worth doing the BIAB  Demo.

Mom and I  canned the chicken indoors and overall it went good for our first time canning meat. Originally we were thinking pint jars but ended up using wide mouth quart jars. The quart jars hold 4 bone in thighs loosely packed which is about the right amount for a meal or two. We canned a total of 7 quarts of chicken. This was a learning event and now we have a better idea what works and how much chicken to buy to fill up both canners. For canning meats I would recommend the wide mouth quart jars. Those jars are a little more expensive but for doing a bone in or a larger chunk of meat I think they are worth the cost.

As I was mowing the front lawn I noticed that I have quite a bit of free space in the rose beds. Since my neighbor gave me a bunch of garlic I will plant the garlic out with the roses as they are great companion plants. I was thinking of adding some raised beds to the front yard but I know see how much space I have in the “flower” beds available that I’m going to start filling those beds up first. A good rototilling and add some rabbit poo to the soil and those beds should be good to go for garden plants.  Until I filled up one small bed I did not see how much space I was not using for planting, heck I can almost double my garden space just by using the front yard beds and they need only minimal work before planting.

Very productive week and  a lot of work.  I’m tired and sore and it might take a day or two to recover, but it feels good to get stuff done.  Mentally I’m moving beyond the water main repair and getting back into a rhythm to get things done.  I like to think I’m mentally flexible but that water main repair was a lot tougher on me than I realized.  I learned a very good lesson about handling a small little disaster I need to allow some recovery time before getting back to normal.


3 Responses to Made Beer and canned chicken this weekend

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Good idea to check for extra space. We all probably have more available than what we realized, when times get hard people can become very innovative or resourceful.

    As for the water main being tough on you, stress is an amazing thing.

    • Jamie says:

      Danny, I hate the water main but it really taught me about having an emergency fund and not being in a panic to get stuff done. I piss and moan about Dad not getting a bid but if I took out a loan I probably paid a bit of interest on the loan and at the end of the day there would not be that much difference. Plus doing another week without tap water would not have been fun.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        This is the value of blogs, we can all share ideas and learn from each other. You have such a wealth of information recorded here and I, as I’m sure others do also, appreciate your efforts on this site.

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