Helping to play luberjack or at least cleanup crew.

Man, am I tired, the neighbor came by Monday night and trimmed the big tree out front, it looks 100% better.  I’m glad I went out to help a bit as he was using a small hand saw and it would have taken forever. I got the B & D battery powered and the larger electric chainsaw out and it made short work of trimming all those limbs.  Even better the B & D chain did not slip off the bar doing all that trimming.  It looks like I figured out how to set the chain tightness to get the the job done.  The neighbor took most of the limbs for their backyard fire pit so they saved some money and my front yard looks much better and is safer as those limbs were dead.  Buying the electric and battery power tools has been one of my best investments for prepping and self-reliance.

Speaking of tools I got the 18 volt B & D weed trimmer for $44.00 at Lowes today. The sale price was $49.00 and with the military 10% discount I got a good deal. Saw a couple of guys looking at battery powered trimmers and told them what Pioneer preppy said about getting the 20 volt lithium ion battery. One guy complained about the battery life of the 18 volt ni-cad but I haven’t had that problem yet. Of course I drain the battery and have 3 chargers plus 5 batteries now so I’m good!  Took the little cultivator over to neighbor S. so she could mix up some new soil and  plant some flowers.  These tools are a big hit!

Stopped by the beer lady and got some yeast for beer making and Deb gave me a used double fiberglass sink for the outdoor kitchen  along with 2 pallets to make the new compost bin. I just need to cut out a hole for the sink in my old plastic patio table and the Out door kitchen will be just about ready to use.  I’m working on a wheat beer and the Pale ale we did for the BIAB demo is looking good so far!

My aunt dropped off a couple of roma tomatoes and jalapeno plants for my garden. She picked up the spent beer grains and whey leftovers from the BIAB demo and the cheese class. One my Aunt’s  goats had triplets on Sunday 2 males and a female but the female seems a little sickly so she had to get back to do some goat doctoring.  I am so lucky to have so many talented people that help me get stuff done around the house as well as teach me great skills.  Work goes so much faster and is more pleasant when you have others that share the work. I don’t feel like I’m sponging either as I pay something in return even though it it isn’t money.


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  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    This is great Jamie, it’s how things should be! An economic failure in this country will not be a cake walk for any of us but preparations and like minded people like you have around will be a great help for all.

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy: I’m a big believer in building more of a tribe or village mindset and I’m very lucky in working towards that goal. While my neighbors are not preppers so to speak. They grow gardens, make food from scratch and are almost mini-homesteader types. I don’t mind these folks “coming to my house if the SHTF” as they have already helped me. They don’t just talk a “good game”. They play a “good game”!

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Agreed. We have several in our group around here (we live in a rural setting) and there isn’t very many people nearby. A few are self reliant but the ones that aren’t are quickly identified. It’s sad that we are daily bombarded with news of all that is going on here and abroad yet there are still people that appear to live in blissful ignorance. When Mary and I try talking to them we get a sheepish smile and a nod.

    I find that amazing.

  3. Harry Flashman says:

    You have a number of distinct personality traits, but they are positive. I seriously doubt anyone would think of you as a sponger.

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