Ponder, Ponder, Ponder…..

Doing some thinking about the jobs I want to get done next week.  I’m going to use a couple of the deck boards that Dad gave me for the connecting the pallets for the compost bin.  My original idea was to attach the pallets directly to the outside shop wall.  Using a few of the deck boards I can connect the  pallets together and they still could be moved somewhat easily if needed to relocate.  Since I’m using the front yard beds for the gardening I don’t need to add any more raised beds.  I have all I can handle with the beds I have already.

I took Mom out for Mother’s day on Friday. We drove out to Marsing and got a few plants from the Owyhee Garden club. Just some herbs and a nasturtium. This will be my first try  growing that flower.  The Owyhee gardeners also gave me a free Cornflower/Bachelor’s button for signing up with the club. I did a little research and parts of the flower is edible and it treats some eye injuries. I hope to learn a bit from this garden club plus make some people connections out in Owyhee county.  Saw a very neat idea for sowing small seeds and plants using toilet paper tubes to protect plants like radishes and carrots. I wish I could remember the site to give the person credit, but I thought this might work for my big raised bed to keep me from stepping on plants or accidentally weeding them by mistake. I am adding some of that low border fencing to the big bed to separate some of the plantings for the same reason.  I think the low fencing will also work as a support frame I can use to protect the plants if the weather gets nasty. I’m trying to idiot-proof my garden this year and do a better job on keeping it up.

I’m doing up a batch of the Amber Ale and I love the B&D power drill. This drill is more powerful compared to the old Makita and had no problems at all crushing the grains. I’m not knocking Makita it is a good name but it was a small and very old drill and worth the $2.00 at the thrift shop.  Another thing I like about the B&D is it has a key-less chuck so no key to lose for this drill.  I’m doing a new thing that is for beer making but also comes under the water plan that I fill the stockpots and a beer bucket with filtered water when they are empty instead of just when I want to make beer. A couple of advantages is it takes less time to get things ready to make beer and I always have the stockpots full and ready to heat up if the water goes out for any reason. I have a storage shelf for the pots that is strong enough to hold the weight when they are full of water so they might as well be full. This is a small step to take but even small steps can make a difference in a disaster.

One lat thing Fred Meyers is having it’s Founder’s Day sale this week and the have a garden cart for just $50.00.  If you don’t have one of these carts or have been looking to get one this is a great buy.  I use this cart all the time and it is a huge energy saver.


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