Scrounging, free stuff and new neighbors

Been doing some scrounging as it seems that when the weather shifts from winter to summer lots of good stuff gets thrown away.  Anyhoo as I was pulling in the ally I noticed on of the neighbors had a few short bits of 4″x4″  treated wood from a fence he is building, so I asked if I could have them for my new raised bed.  The chunks of wood are the perfect length for the making the bed taller by stacking the deck boards I got from Dad. This raised bed is going to be solid and taller so it will be easier to weed and work.  I think he has a bit more fencing to get done so I will keep an eye open for any more wood.  Time to get the trike out fill the tires with some anti-puncture goo and travel the alleys for tossed stuff that is still good or needs a little repair.

My Aunt stopped by to pickup more of the beer grains for her goats and brought over a pot of Day Lillies and some borage for my edible garden. She is getting into the whole edible garden thing and it’s a blast to share trying out this new garden idea with a person that is a great gardener!  I also enjoying teaching her stuff about storing food in bulk and some of the things I do with my self-reliance.  It’s very thrilling to share some of my knowledge with her since she has taught me so much. Update on my Aunt’s new female kid goat is doing good so the triplets survived.

Getting some free plants from Mom. She has an Arkansas Traveler pink heirloom tomato along with a Spider plant for the house. My lemon cucumber reseeded themselves in the big garden bed and I think I will have plenty of cukes for summer salads.  I have to change the plant layout a little bit, but I think it might actually work better for this year.

Perhaps it’s just me but with Mom and my Aunt I think more of a “gifting economy” rather than barter.  I got the idea from a book trilogy by Greg Bear called Red Mars that is about terraforming Mars in the future.  It’s kind of based on a Native American idea of the “Potlatch” and the Chief gained status by how much he could give away rather than how much he kept in terms of “wealth”.  I doubt it work on a large scale but if every person tries to give more than they receive trading, usually everyone ends up better off.  I’m also a big believer in the pay it forward concept and that works very well with the right mindset if a person is a giver and does not have an “entitlement mentality”.

I have another new neighbor younger single mother and has some potential as a go getter repainting the walls already to make the house a home.  I’m trying to do a better job of welcoming new people to the neighbor hood and offer to help out.  I try not to be a busy body or to pushy but simply let them know I’ll kind of keep an eye on things and will help out as needed.  I grew up in a small town and an Army company isn’t much better about gossips and people getting very interested in other people’s lives. So I want to help but my own lfe takes up most of my time and I have intrest in talking about other people’s lives. If something seems odd I’ll check it out, other than that I’m of the belief of letting people alone.



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