Getting some yard work started

I got most of the weed patch laughingly refered to as my back yard mowed. I have a couple more areas to go but I want to dump the weeds and seeds in the trash before I get to the other areas.  Most of the backyard soil is in pretty bad shape and I need to start augmenting the soil to get it healthy.  Around my raised beds the soil is a bit better but I think it’s because a few daring worms travel out of the beds and help work the soil.  I made a start on the new raised bed area using the roto-tiller and with a bit of ammending the soil I hope it will work for the plants.  I started putting together the deck boards for the new raised bed and the power drill worked great!  I thought I would have to pre-drill the holes for the screws but the corded B&D drill drove the deck screws in with very little problem. I still need to finish up the sides of the raised bed but it will be a proper raised bed and not just a make-do sort of bed I have done in the past.   Of course now I need to update the old raised beds after the growing season to get them all looking proper.  One thing to look forward to on building the Pallet compost piles is the drill will have no problem with adding the deck boards to frame the pallets in and make it sturdy.

Had a nice chat with one of the neighbors I did not know all that well but has been in the neighborhood for years.  Not all my fault as she admits to being a bit shy.  Nice visit and even though she is a bit shy whe wants to do a block party/potluck. I think it is a great idea and would be a great thing to do in June after Father’s Day.  It would be a great time to get to know people in the nieghborhood and see what talents they have to offer and how I can help them as well.  I don’t want to sound arrogant but I think I would be point of contact for some basic needs and information because of all my prep work.  If people make connections and see neighbors as something good and not as a threat the better off I will be in the long run.

It is kind of odd but I am being seen as a very different sort of person to others and myself as well. I’m not just an Army vet or disabled person. How I define myself as person and how others see me is a much different thing than I anticipated.  I like that person that others see in me. It’s very cool that in meeting new people,  see you without all that “baggage” many of us collect during our lives. We do change and I hope we grow learning new things and it can be interesting to see how you see yourself and how others see you.  I supposed to be “valued by others we respect”  is something many of us seek.  I have healthy sense of self and I like me but it’s very nice to see that other people like me too.


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