They Live among us

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Of the one-hundred people polled here (Pop. 16,750 small town) are answers to the following questions;
(Town was divided into four sections geographicaly; neighborhoods also divided by income groups)

Q1: What would you do if there was a nation-wide power outage and you could not prepare a meal?
A: 65% stated that they would call and order a pizza for that day, 26% stated they would “go out to eat”, 5% stated they have a gas stove, 3% didn’t know what to do, and 1% stated they had a way to cook (Camp stove, kerosene heaters, portable grills)
Q2: Do you have food and water stored for emegencies?
A: 89% said there is no reason to have stored food since there is a grocery store close by, 95% said they had no water stored (as long as you pay your water bill you’ll get water from the tap), 9% percent said they cannot afford to “stock up” (these 9% also had stated they went on vacations or bought a second and third or fourth auto this year), 2 percent stated they had stored food and water for emergency for less than three days, 1 percent said they had food and water for 14 days. The majority of persons polled stated they had only one or two days of food and no water.
Q3: In the event of a nation wide natural(CME) or man-made(EMP) catastrophe where no energy sources were available, would you be able to protect yourself and loved ones?
A: 85% said they would call 911(even though few had firearms), 10% stated that they had a “monitored alarm system”, and 5% said that they had the means of self-protection
Q4: Do you have a stocked first aid kit for emergencies?
A: 23% had some sort of “Band-aid” product and would put over an uncleaned wound(most believe that a band-aid can clean a wound), 2% have well stocked kits and have first aid knowlegde, 75% stated they had nothing because there are doctors and hospitals and would call 911 for help
Q5: Do you have in your home a working flashlight?
A: 42% have a flashlight but “the kids run the batteries down”, 37% have a light with no batteries because of the expense or not needed, 20% had no flashlight (Response: pay your electric bill and the lights will stay on), 1% had multiple working lights with spare bulbs
Q6: With the current raise in prices from food, fuel, and other costs. Have you thought about “prepping for bad times”?
A: 68% said that the goverment would help them and there was nothing to “really” worry about, 31% stated that their money was going for “other” expenses(IE Christmas, vacations, new cars, cruises,salon expenses, superbowl tickets,electronics), only 1% have prepped or beginning to.
Q7: Have thought about buying gold or silver to use as “real money”, or to safeguard your wealth?
A: 82% stated that gold and silver is not money – the Fed Resv Note is and that the safest place for money is the bank, 11% stated they cannot afford either gold or silver and that it’s “really NOT needed”, 1% had both silver and gold, 1% had only silver, 6% did not know a citizen could purchase gold or silver bullion.
Q8: Where to you get your news?
A: Television 93%, Internet 3%, None 4%
Q9: What are your and your families concerns over the next three months?
A: 94% holiday activities (Thanksgiving and Christmas and shopping) and the superbowl in 2014, 5% just making ends meet, 1% worry about “getting things squared away” while maintaining a positive attitude.

* Poll was taken Middle of October 2013
*** I have relocated, to a much safer place, away from this town as of December of 2013. I would not like to be “trapped” in this town when the collapse happens- it’s not going to be good for them


9 Responses to They Live among us

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Holy Cow Jamie! I don’t put an abundance of trust in polls but it’s scarey to think this is indicative of the entire country. However I must admit there is ample evidence of this attitude. I have to believe that most people know there is a pending crisis but apathy of this magnitude is surprising.

    What really amazes me is the number of people that think, “as long as they pay their water/electricity bill…” and “the government would help them and there was nothing to really worry about”! Recent and past history has taught them nothing.

    We can not do anything to educate people like this, they have unwittingly chosen to learn the hard way, and they will. Basically many of them are parasites with an entitlement mentality. There is so many people that accepts no responsibility for their own keep, preferring to sit on their lazy butts and leave their care to the taxpayers.

    The sad part is a number of these people have the potential to become a danger to those of us that have been working for some time to be prepared. A collapse across the country will cause widespread hunger, more loss of jobs, homes, transportation, medical care, etc, bringing an unprecedented crime spree in it’s wake. This is another aspect thrust upon us that we will be forced to deal with, an unpleasant prospect but necessary to our survival.

    I’m reminded of something I read several years ago…”A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”.

    Thanks for posting these statistics Jamie.

  2. Philip Paul says:

    I would bet a box of .22 shells that you can duplicate these results in 90% of American towns and cities.

  3. The water thing would be the most prevalent I think. I would bet 50% of those who claim to be preppers don’t have real water storage available. Yet the other numbers are prolly not far off either. In the end a lot of it will come down to the resourcefulness of individuals over what they have prepared.

    • Jamie says:

      pioneer, The lack of stored water and sanitation is a big worry. I know I’m fairly well prepared having over 350 gallons of stored potable water, three 50 gallon rain barrels that are installed and three 50 gallon collapsable rain barrels, many water filters, powdered bleach. I know I’m more water ready compared to most preppers and I want to install another rain system with a 525 gallon cistern.
      I don’t think many people understand what it means to have no tap water for weeks rather than days! At least I didn’t until I did my water tests

  4. Oh, I think that the numbers are close for the entire country.

  5. dee says:

    Wow, this poll is mind-blowing! the faithful 1%, who are trying, versus the totally ignorant 60+%. Really sad. It is important to keep sharing knowledge at least one by one.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, Those numbers are terrifying and one of the reasons for this blog. My OPSEC is blown anyway so perhaps I can help others get prepared.

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