Odds and ends and golly I’m sore from Monday

The neighbor came over on Monday and cut down two of the holly bushes.  It really opened up the front yard to additional sunlight especially on my garden beds.  I finally got both beds cleaned out and expanded them a little bit.  One bed had an old rose bush and volunteer maple tree that was spreading it’s roots under my porch and I got them both dug out.  That was a lot of work,  as the rose’s root ball was about 20 pounds when I got it out.  I got the very sunny bed planted with some herbs, the Day Lilly, edible flowers and some of the garlic my neighbor gave me has little purple seed tufts so I think it will grow.  The bed that does not get quite as much sun got some borage and the little flowering plant that I can’t remember the name so I’m not sure how well it will grow.  I read that planting your root veggies in a shaded area makes them less likely to bolt though they grow more slowly.  I’m going to try some carrots , radishes and few other root veggies in this bed and see how they do though it is a little late for planting.

Saw an interesting article that Cilantro and possibly parsley might remove heavy metals from water when used as a filter. Sort of like a charcoal filter but you use a something like teabag that you run the water through. Cilantro is a great plant to grow anyway but if it can be used as a water filter it’s definitely a must have for the garden.  I’m going to hit up the Beer Lady Wed. and get some of the food grade cloth bags she has for loose leaf hops and see how you could use cilantro as a water filter for heavy metals.

Speaking of beer, I used the Amber Ale as payment to my neighbor for cutting the Holly and he agrees it is one of my better beers. I did not change the recipe but it seems beer like bread is sensitive to weather conditions like humidity and sometimes it is a bit better or a bit worse based on weather conditions. It could also be that the basement is maintaining a lower and more stable temp. since I’m not using the electric furnace or Air conditioning.  The basement temp, seems to maintain about 55 degrees if I don’t use the furnace.  Beer yeast can be sensitive so I think it is a combination of weather and the cooler  more stable temp.

Dad picked up the Holly branches and took them to the dump and dropped off another load of the Elm.  I saw the wood pile through the back gate but lacked the courage to go out and stack  the wood properly.  I have a little bit more cleanup to do on the former rabbit area but it’s just about a perfect for wood storage.  I can whine about the work right now but having all this wood on hand ready to go for winter is going to make heating so much easier this year.

I can afford to replace the over the stove microwave next paycheck on the 30th. Lowe’s is having a sale and with my veteran discount the microwave will cost only $170.00 with tax. I will get two big bonuses with this microwave, one I will have an exhaust fan for cooking and I will free up counter space.  I will also start on the 2014 goal of replacing appliances with more energy efficient models.

Things have been a little crazy so far in 2014 but I think I’m getting on top of things here at Casa de Chaos.  I don’t want things to collapse and that WWIII sounds like it would suck overall. But, I’m still preparing for both to happen in the next few months. If they do not happen I’m ahead of the game and if the do happen I have done my best to be prepared to survive the aftermath.


4 Responses to Odds and ends and golly I’m sore from Monday

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Your comments about Cilantro and Parsley are very interesting. I’m going to look a little deeper into this Jamie, thanks again!

    • Jamie says:

      Danny: early days yet but I think it is something to work on, or at least think about. I have good water filters but they are not up to filtering heavy metals.

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Will you be able to use your canner and large pots on your stove top with the over the stove microwave? I found I did not have enough clearance for my large canners.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn the cleareance looks okay. I have been waiting years for a good price for a replacement and while the timing sort of sucks at the moment I think it is a good buy.

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