A visit to the Beer Lady and more plants

I picked up the Bootlegger bottle and with the yeast it came with I will be doing beverages that are bit more like a wine rather than a beer. The company is working on a beer yeast and say they will have it out soon.  I’m looking forward to trying out and seeing what I can come up with for some additional beverages.  I could see the bottle becoming something preppers might like to have on hand for making alcohol especially since the “yeast” is reusable and lasts for so many batches.   At a min. you could make your own “adult” beverage and it should be a lot of fun.  Deb the beer Lady had some Cascade Hops Rhizomes so I will be adding some to the “sunny” front bed. Because Hops grow up and need a support structure I think the plants will help keep that side of the house cooler in summer which is a nice bonus.  I also got about a gallon of the pale ale we made on the 3rd of May. I’m glad we did not dry hop the beer as it has a pronounce hoppy flavor which is one of the characteristics of IPAs but I’m not a “hop head” and prefer a less hoppy flavor. This is the first time I have used the growler with beer that is carbonated with Co2 rather than using sugar and bottle carbonation so I will see if the bubbles hold or I may add a bit of sugar and let it bottle carbonate.  The cloth bags for hops were only 80 cents each so I picked up a couple for the cilantro water filter idea. I suppose now I should get a water testing kit to see just how much metals are removed from water and it it would be handy to test other filtered water to make sure it safe.

D &B farm store was having a sale and I got a few more plants for the “shady” front bed. Snow peas because I think the back yard bed gets to much sun and it killed off my first peas. I picked up a Russian kale and a greens mix called “Spicy Salad”  that adds a bit of color and some height to make the bed more interesting. Both beds should be pretty as well as functional and while I’m still a little sore I am really pleased how the beds are starting to look though it will takes some time for all the plants to fill the space.  Some thunderstorms and rain are moving through the valley so I caught a bit of a break in not mowing the front yard. I will putter around the yard this Memorial Day as it’s a little tough on me because of losing a few troops.  While I did not deploy or see combat many of my friends did and a few got hurt and one kid that worked for me died. Staying busy physically helps keep me occupied mentally.

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