Feeling almost human again

Still a few twinges but I think I’m sort of healed up from all the work on Monday.  You would think I’d learn to pace myself better but you would be wrong.  I get to thinking that I’ll just finish this “one last thing and then stop” but that job leads to another and then I must stop!  Then I pay the price for a few days afterwards.  I got the new plants in the front beds and I’m trying to keep myself from overloading the beds as the look a little empty at the moment.  Once the plants start filling in the beds should look pretty good. Doing the expansion of the front beds gives me a lot of expansion of my planting space so I think I can actually take the time and improve the soil for new raised beds this summer.  Making more but smaller raised beds seems to help me mentally as weeding and doing the work on a small bed seems much easier than looking at that big 8 foot raised bed.  It’s sort of silly because over all you are still doing gardening work but it seems easier to weed the smaller beds rather than then the large bed.  “If it is stupid but it works it isn’t stupid”. Speaking for myself, often the hardest part of the task is just getting started.

Self-reliance and prepping is a very personal thing and what I value or think of as a priority may not work for you and that does not mean you have to follow my plan. What I do may not work for you but it should cover most of the “basic” things you need and then you can tweak your plan for what works for you and your situation. While I have used many ideas of others I have put my own personal spin on what I do to prepare.  While I can’t guarantee I will survive even the experts can’t guarantee that either because every person and situation is different. You do your best and you still keep on living life and enjoying it.  I read about people think of prepping as a chore and not much fun, but I am having a blast learning and doing new things.  Many of the things I have learned and done started off as something todo. Yet I find that I like doing it as a hobby and a skill I want to perfect. Somethings I sort of get by with because they don’t resonate as much with me.

For example I doubt I would have tried beer brewing or stuck with gardening if I hadn’t started working on self-reliance.  Many of the things I started doing was because I could save money in the long run. Sure the initial investment can cost a some money but it can really payoff every week, month or over the years.  As far as gardening goes this is the first year I feel somewhat proficient and I have been trying to garden for at least five years. I can walk into a nursery and recognize common garden plants by how they look rather than just reading the little tag. Trust me that is a very important skill to have especially when it come to weeding your garden.

Now some very good news and I got a nice little score for the RV. My parent got my sister an older van to replace an old Ford Taurus and the Van is almost ready to be a camper van with a few additions. Well the fellow that owned the van was sort of tall and he made a bed platform out of 1/2 particle/fiber board and it has hinges and made with supporting legs. This will work great for my lower bunk/couch for the RV once I get the crappy futon removed.  I have an extra “snoot boot” or windshield cover that should work for my sister’s van to add a bit of privacy for camping. This is going to work out great for my sister as she will have one vehicle but it is a multi-tasker. Plus she loved her old van but the diesel and parts were just to expensive to replace for a non-mechanic.  The “new van”  has the 5.0 liter/302 V8 which is has been around for decades so parts  should not be a problem and it should get okay gas mileage. My sister wants her porta-potty and camping stuff from the old van I stored back so I take that as a good sign.



6 Responses to Feeling almost human again

  1. Ya being able to id those tiny plant shoots v. the weeds is a good thing. It also helps when searching the garden for volunteers to fill in gaps 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    pioneer, we all know you can cover up a lack for awhile but if you are looking at long term it requires a bit of knowlege and work. I have clay soil and if I want a healthy yard and garden long term I need to augment the soil. Now if I’m only worried about green grass I could dump all kind of weed killing chemicals as well as petro-chemicals to add carbon and my lawn will be green though not really healthy.

  3. I had great flowerbeds. Right up until the time one of my digalero’s decided to fertilize them using Roundup.

  4. SciFi Chick says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from with the smaller beds. Sometimes I get very overwhelmed when I look at our garden as a whole. If I want to be sure to get things done I HAVE to make them into smaller chores. Weeding is a great example. If I look at the whole garden and it all needs weeding I sometimes think “There’s no way I can do all this”. So I’ve had to break things up a bit. I try to get one row a day weeded. It doesn’t matter if I decide to do it in short spurts or just get the whole thing done. I’ve got all day to deal with it. So I can totally understand the thinking behind the smaller beds. Like you said, prepping is a personal thing. Everyone has their own way of doing things and none of them are the wrong way. Because I started gardening it led to learning to can. And that led me to learning about dehydrating foods. I just consider it a lifestyle these days!
    Sorry for rambling…

    • Jamie says:

      Sci, I like your ramblings!
      It’s amazing how one thing leads to another once you start prepping. Now that I have most of my staples in the pantry I am working on skills but I have to schedule my skills training or I’ll never get “around to it”.
      April was canning meat and Ham radio study though I took the test in May. May has been gardening and learning more about ammending soil. I suppose making alcohol with the Bootlegger bottle counts as a new skill!
      June will be for soap making and perhaps making natural candles from beeswax. Having my Mom to learn these skills with makes it a lot more fun as well as getting the stuff done. I can’t tell you how many times we have both wanted to blow off a “class” but won’t because we would disapoint the other person!

  5. Jamie says:

    rat, Not familiar with the term ” digalero’s”. I do know that Round up is not a very good thing to use on plants you want to grow.

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