Trying out the Bootlegger bottle and setting things up for Summer

For my first Bootlegger bottle recipe I wanted to try out something that almost any prepper/survivalist might have in the pantry. Rather than just any old fruit juice I’m making a “hard” pink lemonade from Country Time powdered drink mix. I figure if I can turn something like this into a good tasting beverage then almost anything will work and will show  just what can be done with the Bootlegger bottle. It been less than a day and the yeast is converting the sugars in to alcohol.  While there is nothing wrong going with a more traditional type recipe for fruit wines, I like the potential for experimentation in small quick batches.  On the beer front the IPA I got from Beer Lady tastes pretty good but it is flat. I didn’t have much luck with the bottle carbonation. A good lesson on the difference in carbonating via a keg and the bottle. I’ll stick with sugar during bottling.

I got a little arrogant about my gardening skill and accidentally pulled out a few “good” plants in the big garden bed. So tomorrow I will go with Mom to D&B and get some replacements. Though my small beds look okay and the squash is growing very well in the big bed.  I’m moving to more of a row planting scheme rather than the Square foot method. I loose a bit of potential production but I think it will help me do a better job on weeding and taking care of the plants. The front shady bed should work for the smaller root veggies like carrots and radishes and should be somewhat safer from any over zealous weeding on my part.  It is amazing how much growing space and new plants I have been able to add using the front beds for the edible garden. The lavender and Mums look like the need to be moved to get more sunlight. The trees have filled in and I don’t think they are getting enough sun.  I have a nice spot along the sidewalk that those plants can be used to create a bit of a border and I can add some amendments to the soil to make it a happy place for them to grow.  The little electric rototiller is getting a real workout this year.  It’s still work to dig and make new beds but with the tiller it is so much easier than doing it all with muscle power.

It is just as well that I need to move those plants as I need the space along side my patio for the Outdoor kitchen.  The plastic table for the sink and work space is taking up a bit more room than I had anticipated when I made my plans. I’d prefer the big propane burners to not be against my house since I don’t have any heat protection on the wood siding. I can shift the grills around so that the Weber Gas grill and the propane burners could share a tank. Since the smoker/charcoal BBQ is fuel independent I can position it wherever it is convenient. All I need is a brick bread/pizza oven and the outdoor kitchen will be complete.  Not exactly stealthy but I can handle most types of food prep, cooking and preservation with this setup. I’m working hard on getting to know the neighbors and working to setup a sort of village/tribe within the neighborhood that is somewhat self-reliant and hope that I will get some protection because I run the “community kitchen”.

I’m not particularly brave by being out in the open on self-reliance. With my physical disability I must have help to survive, that is one of my challenges and we all have things that are less than perfect that we work to mitigate.  Perhaps I will be seen as a harmless old crank, but since I can’t run or fight the “Golden Horde”. I must have people see me as valuable and  my home a place of refuge.  Will it work? Not a clue,  just the best plan I can come up with my circumstances. If the economy recovers and everything in the world becomes all wonderful, I still have a great outdoor kitchen to use.


2 Responses to Trying out the Bootlegger bottle and setting things up for Summer

  1. I just hope I am seen as a harmless old lady and not someone who can be easily taken from.

  2. Jamie says:

    Practical: I’ve seen alot of those “harmless old ladies” turn out out to tough ol’ biddies. Your secret is safe with me. 😉

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