Replacement plant in the ground and digging in

I got the replacement plants in the big raised bed and that sucker is going to be full once everything starts growing. I wanted a sugar baby watermelon and accidentally grabbed a cantaloupe melon that was in the watermelon section at D&B.  I planted the cantaloupes and will hope they grow this year.  I tilled the big bed in April but I added some rabbit poo and tilled it again along with some weeding.  I think I’m working in some of my yard’s soil into the soil I bought for the beds and it everything needs to be worked in and mixed together. So I did another tilling today before planting.  The small raised bed will be needed for some plants so I need to finish building the bed and augmenting the soil.  I had a bit of bark mulch in the shop and I added it between the small garden beds and it looks very neat.  I’m going to pick up some more of the bark mulch to place around the raised beds and hopefully it will help to retain moisture and keep some weeds/grass from growing along the edges of the beds.

While I had the tiller out I tried digging in the clay soil where the water main was dug and tried to level it somewhat and it’s a tough job.  The clay soil is like a thick slurry that sticks to everything when wet or it’s nearly as hard as concrete when dry.  I’m trying to create a healthy soil and not just a green lawn and it’s not easy. I have a couple of ideas to try out where they dug the new water main.   Talk to the new neighbors and they are thinking about renting a little Bobcat tractor to clean and level their yard. I told them I would pay half of the day’s  rent if I could use it for my yard. It would be a good opportunity to start digging the “village outhouse” without looking out of place.

I think the “hard lemonade” will finish up on Wed. and be ready to bottle. I can taste the alcohol but the lemon flavor is a little lacking. I’ll add a little lemon zest to the bottles and that should give it a nice lemonade flavor. Using powder drink mix will work but I will have to test it using real lemonade and see if the end results are different.

A few good sales on meat at Paul’s and I want to get some of the whole salmon at Albertson’s. I’m trying to stock up on meats but if I save any more money I will soon be broke!


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