Cleaning up one of the wood storage areas

The area I am storing the “hardwoods ” used to be a kennel and then held the rabbit pens when I was raising rabbits. I was slowly working my way back to cleaning that area but there was not a rush since I figured I would not start buying wood till late July, but things changed radically when I gave my aunt a grill and lawnmower for my cousin and she offered a bunch of wood in payment. Getting this wood is great and will be a huge help this winter but it did sort of change my plans and priorities.  Anyway I got that area all cleaned up and stack up bunch of wood that just got tossed in there from one of Dad’s wood deliveries. One good thing about Dad stopping by on Sunday is he was able to give me a much better idea about how much wood was coming. If he is close on his guestimate I won’t need to buy any wood this year at all.  My aunt has made some plans for the area at her place that is being taken up by the wood so it made getting my wood area cleaned up and ready for the rest of the wood became a priority. Plus I’m still helping her out with her next project.

The other area I have wood is mostly under my carport and it is the “mill ends” I bought last year. I will say the wood was cheap and it burns hot and fast but I don’t think it was worth the work or the hassle and I’m still working on getting it cleaned up and organized.  The pile also shows up on google earth and real estate pages and I don’t like that at all. I’m not the stealthiest of preppers but I prefer not to stand out for stupid stuff.  I think the ground I have in the alley way next to the shop needs a new plant to fill in and will start chocking out the weeds. I think Lavender just might work as that plant.  Lavender spreads, in this area that is a good thing! Plus lavender like’s dry, sort of terrible soil compared to most plants and I can always mow, weed whack or have people park on the plants to limit it’s growth. Almost any spreading plant would be better than dealing with the cheet grass and puncture vines.  Lavender is a useful plant for my “home remedies” and soap making!

Last but not least the plants in the tall raised bed got a bit droopy from the heat today.  I don’t think they were quite ready for nearly 90 degrees F. and full sun.The plants are bouncing back now that there is a bit of cloud cover and it is cooling a bit.  Early days yet but no weeds in the bed which is nice. If I don’t have to pull weeds it will make all the work on the bed worth it!


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