Big load of wood arrived today

Dad filled the truck bed and a trailer full of wood and dropped it off today.  I tried to keep up with stacking it up but it was just to much and it was getting hot out so I quit the wood thing for today.  Dad is bringing another load on Friday and we will need to add more top cover to protect the wood from the elements.  If my math is correct I will have around 6-7 cords of the elm for this winter which should be more than enough for this year and a start on next year’s wood pile. Dad is in serious woodcutter mode so installing the microwave will need to wait a couple of days.  He has a hydraulic splitter but it is still a lot of hard work.  Once the elm is all split and hauled away my aunt is going to put in a goat pen for the bucks.  My aunt wants to get some of the volunteer holly for a privacy hedge for my cousin. It’s very nice to hear about my cousin “putting down roots” so to speak and I love being able to help out.

I managed to get the front lawn mowed and add some green to the compost pile. My aunt said adding some of the sawdust to my front beds was a good idea and should help the plants grow better. Overall she said the soil felt good to her and just needs the normal additions for growing. I was thinking of putting the kiddie pool for mints and other herbs up front but I think it might be better in the backyard as it won’t be so visible.  This should be the last bed for this year and I can start on filling in the front beds. While I need to do some weeding it does not seem quite so daunting a task this year. I think I did better on my preparing the beds and it seems to be paying off with less work on the weeding.  Saturday would be a good day to set up the outdoor kitchen, brew some beer and putter in the garden.

I used some of the black ale wort in the Bootlegger bottle and even though it uses a wine yeast the beer turned out okay and it fermented very quickly. Tastes a bit more sharp compared to the ale yeast but that might be an aging/conditioning issue. But the Bootlegger bottle will work with an all grain beer recipe. I also made up some of my pain relief salve but I used 8 oz. Grape seed oil and up the beeswax to 1.5 oz. and the salve turned out just a bit stiffer at room temp. compared to the one made with coconut oil. I think you could use either recipe with your choice of oils depending on the texture you want for your salve.

It looks like I got my callsign for my Ham radio but they got my middle initial wrong and I don’t know if that is significant or not. I’ll give the local club guys a call and see if that is a problem and how to get it corrected.  Been a busy month, but I love how things seem to be working out.

2 Responses to Big load of wood arrived today

  1. Contact your local billboard companies and ask them if the can give you an old (expired copy) vinyl. They might give you a 14X48′ or two 10X30’s. They make great cover and are free. People around here use them to cover their hay rolls. Let me know if you need help.

    • Jamie says:

      rat, Thanks for the offer but dad already has a sheet of plywood to finish up the roof. Everything else is up and can protect the wood but also lets the wood keep drying.

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