Murphy days and being lazy?

Feeling a little lazy on Saturday but I still got a few things accomplished. The compost pile got turned over but I still need to add more green to make up for a lot of brown I had from the old bin. I have an area along the south side of the house that has lots of green I need to get to work on for next years raised beds.  I can kill two bird with one stone by cleaning up and laying down the new beds and fill them with some of the working compost to start building the soil. The neighbor finished up his fence so I have the corner pieces for the 2 foot x 4 foot beds. I took over some lettuce as my basil isn’t quite ready to harvest yet but I did promise to bring over the basil when it is ready.  I finished up dethatching  1/2 of the front yard and added a bit more lawn food.  I’m very pleased with the progress I have made on the garden and front yard so far this spring/summer.

A few things that I have started doing for the CIDP is the pain releif salve and taking some more minerals/supplements that seem to help with both pain management and recovery after very physical work (for me at least).  My sister tried out the salve I made with grapeseed oil and I upped the drops of Eucalyptus and Camphor 3 drops each along with upping the beeswax to 1.5 oz. My sister has Fybro and got smashed up in a car wreck that almost crushed her hips and legs.  I gave a bit of the grapseed salve to the neighbors to try out, while they don’t have any chronic issues with pain they are both young and very active. This gives me an idea about how effective the salve is for all sorts of pains and aches.  Both of the neighbors tried the salve right away and enjoyed the smell, so while the smell isn’t over powering there might be a sort of subtle aromatherapy aspect to the salve I did not consider when I made it. I’m thinking about how to add more alternatives and natural remedies in my quest for self-reliance.  Modern medicine is fine and there has been huge advances but I think there is a place for learning to do what you can for yourself and not assume getting a pill for every little thing will make you all better!  Plus I have always had a bit of “mad scientist” thing that likes to do new things with chemistry/mama nature and understanding how and why things work and how to use it to my advantage.

Had a good time at the Murphy Outpost Days with Mom and the neighbors. Finally hooked up with the folks that do the Mountain man Rendevous and while I’m not sure I can make it this month I have the website.  I love learning new/old skills plus I’m such a history buff that you get a great insight on the people of that age by how they did just normal day to day activities.  It is facinating the things people did and how little things made their lives easier with some clever contraptions and work arounds.


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