Pressure washed the house and some water heating ideas for a red neck hot tub

The neighbors and I were chit chatting and they had a power washer so they recommended that I power wash my place while they had it on loan. I can’t believe it, I can see out my windows again! Much less tedious work cleaning the screens in place rather than taking them all down to wash. I need to re-paint and caulk a few places but the house does look clean. I wish I could afford to re-side the house and replace all the wood with metal or that concrete siding but that is just not in the budget this year.

Any way the neighbors have a stock tank they use as a pool but it is just a bit to cool even with the the summer temps so far. I think digging under concrete slab to make a fire pit/ Roman Hypocaust is a “neat” idea historically/theoretically speaking but probably not that practical. Then I remembered I have the propane camp shower and my little wood camp stove and they might work to heat the water a few degrees with a couple of modifications.  I’m not used to taking all of the gadgets I have bought into consideration when problem solving.   I would be doing something helpful plus get an idea about how much water could be heated and pumped especially with the Zodi propane camp shower.  I think with the addition of metal/copper pipe the little wood camp stove could also heat and move water by convection.  My “out of the box” thinking sometimes  takes a bit of time to kick in when working with new gadgets.

Talked to neighbor S. about the kiddie pool and the family is still using it plus now S. wants to do a kiddie pool garden bed after seeing mine. No worries as the hops on her place are growing like mad and she offered me unlimited access to the hops plants.  I suppose it is the way things can go sometimes, I’m trying to grow hops without much luck so far and S. wants to stop all the hops growth or see it put to use.  Working on building the “community” has really paid off this year for me. I don’t want to be the Gladys Kravitz of the neighborhood but only want to help but it is a balancing act of respecting people’s privacy and trying to help out especially if they don’t want your help!  The road to hell is  paved with good “intentions”. The government in my life has helped quite enough and I often wish the PTBs would just leave me alone!

For a women without kids I do tend to be a “mother hen”.  While not the same I do think it is somewhat similar to what parent’s go through with adult children and it’s tough to accept some people don’t want your “help”.  I hope I’m getting better at not giving help when it is not wanted.  But I’m not sure I’m succeeding at that task.



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