More puttering around

I need to weed the garden and I hate weeding so I stacked some wood in place of weeding today. While the new minerals and pain relief salve has helped me get a lot accomplished I do feel like I need to take it easy and recover a bit physically. I’m back to using the 5-15 minute rule of doing a task to get myself working on a task and though I didn’t time it, but I got a good bit of wood stacked after the hardest step of just starting!  So far on the pain relief salve, it seems that the coconut oil based is absorbed into the skin a bit faster than the grape seed oil based.  My Mom has Fybro but is also looking at some more work on her knee replacement and this salve has helped her pain a lot.  So far this salve seems to work on general aches and pains across many age groups and types of pain.  Mom gave me a large jar of coconut oil to sort of payback for the salve and the gas to go to Murphy outpost days. I hope to get some more of the beeswax from a local beekeeper and clean it up to use on some more salves as well as making some beeswax candles in July for our next skill building project.  Mom wants to see me make the salve perhaps we can watch the soap making you tube and kill 2 birds with one stone.  Making the salve is easy and cleaning the beeswax is easy but it does take some time and adding a bit of equipment.  As Alton Brown says said “it’s easy, I didn’t say it was fast!”

I stopped by neighbor A and asked about some cabinets they had in the garage and if they were going to trash them or use them.  Well they will be using the cabinets but the have a neat looking winged back chair that they said I can have for the help and beer I have given them!  Someone dropped off a vent protector for the RV but no one has claimed responsibility so I can thank them.  It’s amazing how generous people can be helping me out and want to help others if you show you are doing the best you can and are willing to help them.  Sometimes it can be as simple as keeping an eye on the place while they are away.  I think many people are willing to give but they are not so willing when someone has an entitlement mentality and some how they are owed because you have more than they do. A couple of things really piss me off is people seem to think they don’t have to help themselves because they are poor/on SS or won’t change how they spend money because they are poor and deserve not only pity but a portion of your paycheck and if you don’t give it to them then you are the hater!

I look at actions and not talk in people. My biggest question is what have you done to help yourself? I understand that many things take time and practice to learn. Heck I’m the poster child for screwing up but not giving up. But if you don’t value yourself enough to try and risk failure, why should anyone else invest time, money or energy to help you?  Stop saying “I can’t” and looking for excuses when what you really mean is “I won’t…”  There is nothing wrong with being poor, but it’s no great honor either!


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  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Lady you knocked that one out of the ballpark! There are a couple of people like that in our AO. We steer clear of them as we consider them disgusting and useless to themselves or anyone else. I know that’s a harsh thing to say but we don’t have time for laziness or pity-parties.

    We haven’t taken the time to work up some of your salve yet, two grandchildren have come to stay with us and have kept us pretty busy!

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy I am probably in the best finacial shape of my life by not having credit cards or much debt other than the house. I think Dad knows he sort of screwed the pooch on the water main cost, but he isn’t charging me interest and he split and delivered all that elm free of charge so I figure I’m at least even on costs overall. From the Kia mini-van to the wood stove to the microwave I have waited and paid cash or got a low intrest loan that I pay off early. Heck I can get a signature loan from the credit Union under 10% interest so why would I have a credit card that charges around 20% other than a credit card is a bit faster paying the merchant but not me.

      On the salve I would recommend having a small crockpot for just melting the ingrediants. You might check out some 2nd hand stores or yard sales for your crock pot. I want to do more types of healing and medicinal salves using either essential oils or herbs from the garden. Especially since the pain relief salve has worked so well.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        You are right on the money (no pun intended) about credit and credit cards and are doing it wisely. We haven’t used them in about 15 years. Our mortgage is payed off and we have no other debt.

        I had not thought of using a crock pot however we have a small one that we don’t use anymore since some friends of ours gave us a large one for Christmas last year. It sounds as though this salve you have worked up is doing a great job, I can hardly wait for Mary to try it.

        Mary is interested in such things and emailed a lady in Fort Smith, Arkansas area a few months ago that is somewhat of an expert on herbal medicine. She had told Mary she would send a list of plants that are easily obtained here in Arkansas that we wanted to add to our prep supplies. Sort of a big disappointment but so far we haven’t heard from her.

      • Jamie says:

        Dannyboy I’m still learning and studying up on stuff but as I learn I will be happy to spread the knowledge. Many of the prepper sites tend to use a lot of alcohol with herbs and while they may work alcohol is very hard on the skin and drying and it seems it is sort of contra-indicated for a good healing salve of any sort in my opinion. I think people need options as some folks do have reactions to certain products. So far my salves do not seem to set off those reactions but I I try to use the lowest “effective amount” rather than go crazy on the mindset of if a little is good more must be better!

        I should be able to afford a small counter top distiller in July that I can use to make my own essential oils.

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie, Mary and I were just discussing your oil tonight. I have lost the ingredients so could you please link me to the page where you posted them a few days ago, I haven’t had any luck finding it either!

    • Jamie says:

      Recipe for pain relief salve using natural ingredients and essential oils.

      Carrier oil: This can be one of many but so far I have used 8 oz. of either Grapeseed or Coconut oil
      Hardnerner for the salve: Beeswax 1 oz. to 1.5 oz. depending on the texture you want.
      10 drops of Lavendar
      12 drops of Eucalyptus
      12 drops of Camphor
      10 drops of Peppermint

      I use a small crockpot on “low” to melt the beeswax and oil first, add the drops of essntial oils and then jar it in small Ball/mason jars while warm.The jar is not sealed.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        Thank you so very much Jamie, we are going to start working on gathering the ingredients tomorrow. We’ll let you know how it works for her!

  3. Spud says:

    Whatever happened with the dog thing ?

    • Jamie says:

      Spud I’m still looking but I haven’t contacted your friend since it has been busy around here at Casa De Chaos.

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