A new Essential oil page and Appliances

I have the salve recipe up as it’s own page but  I may change the title to a “natural healing or medicines you can make your self”. There is so much that an average person can do to stay healthy as well as assist the body to help cure itself that a natural healing page is needed on this blog. With Obamacare just starting to kick in and rising costs of everything, being able to treat minor or even some major issues yourself will become more important.  With my CIDP the VA will prescribe some drugs that have some side effects or are narcotics that will lose effectiveness over time. By using my mineral/vitamin mix and adding in the pain relief salve I’m getting about the same amount of relief of my symptoms but without the nasty side effects.  It’s not perfect but is doable plus I’m in control of what I use and what goes into my body.  I should be able to afford the Counter top distiller next month and then I will be able to make my own essential oils from the plants that I grow in the garden.  I’m still in the process of learning so do your own research and find what works best for you!

Dad came over today and got my microwave installed. While I like the convenience of the microwave, having an exhaust fan and some direct lighting over the stove is what I really wanted for the kitchen.  Well all of that and counter space!  I bought the house 10 years ago with these appliances and I think the appliances are much older maybe from to 90’s and possibly the late 80’s era.  While some are still working I have had a couple of failures and I think it is better to anticipate and replace major appliances before they fail. The old semi built-in dishwasher failed but I I found a dishwasher only 18 inches wide that should be more than enough for me and I can put the fridge back and make it a true galley type kitchen and add a some counter space where the fridge is sitting now and all I need to do is remove one lower cupboard.  Doing dishes is not my favorite job and I really hate cleaning beer bottles by hand so this dishwasher will be my next major purchase.  Dad also helped me re-install my little window Air conditioner for the summer. The A/C unit isn’t all that heavy but it helps a lot to have an extra pair of hands when you are trying to hold open the window, screw in the holding supports as well as make sure the cracks between the window and A/C unit won’t let in bugs.

But Jamie, are you not anticipating a disaster, economic collapse, EMP/Cyber attack that will render all electrical appliances to very heavy paperweights?  Well I suppose you could say I hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.  I don’t need to practice at being miserable and having these gadgets does make life easier for me with my disability.  I hope I am wrong and there will not be a huge disaster or economic collapse, WWIII or some other big event. Until or if those things happen I still have to live everyday and I see no reason not to make life as easy as possible.  I’m not sure why people think that if you prepare you must want a collapse/disaster to happen. I don’t buy car insurance in hopes that I get in a car wreck!  But I know statistically speaking that car wrecks happen to lots of people.  It’s the same for preparing and becoming self-reliant because if nothing bad happens you are still ahead.





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