Major Kitchen cleanup and rearranging the workspace

One thing about not having an exhaust fan for so long, is grease settles everywhere in the kitchen. Add in pet hair and just ordinary dust and everything gets really grimy if you don’t stay on top of it.  Needless to say I did not make cleaning every surface in the kitchen a priority. So while I am working on rearranging stuff I’m doing some clean up of all the places that I had been ignoring.  The “magic eraser” sponges are great and work especially well on texture surfaces like my refrigerator. I use a orange spray cleaner made by First Street I get at Cash & Carry that works on both the bathroom and the kitchen.  I have to say the outside of the fridge looks nearly brand new since it’s cleaning. I also scrubbed the floor and moved a breakfast bar into the kitchen and moved the other table into the “hobby room”. The breakfast bar is just a bit to tall to use when using the grain crusher and I get back a bit more floor space in the kitchen with the breakfast bar.  I’m washing down the walls as I work around the kitchen so by the end of the day all surfaces should be clean.

This is kind of a crazy house and I think it had a more open floor plan originally.  It’s got some crazy storage areas and seems very compartmentalized compared to the houses in the neighborhood built about the same time.  So I think there was some remodeling work done that was off the books so to speak, or done with leftovers from other re-modeling jobs.  I can make a few minor repairs, but I know enough to know I don’t know enough, to tackle any big jobs.  I have been getting tools and trying to educate myself to know when someone is just blowing smoke or knows what they are doing.  I think Dad was a little surprised that I had all the tools setup, lines marked out and ready to go to hang the microwave under the cabinet properly.  I don’t mind paying  pro’s to do the job if it is done right. With that said it takes longer to get some jobs done because I have to save up the money to pay cash or take out a small loan like I did with the wood stove.  My goal is to fix up the house but to make sure it is done right and will work for me if my health gets worse as I get older.  One thing I do love about the house is other than the basement it is all one level with only a couple of steps needed to get in the house. I’m so glad I did not buy the split level I was looking at the same time as this one! Get me one of those electric chairs and a couple of ATV ramps and I will be good to go!  Heck it’s all concrete even to the wood pile.

No,  I’m not hoping to become more disabled just that it is a possibility with the disease and I want to have things in place just in case it happens.  I want to be as independent and self-reliant as possible whatever happens!



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